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Watch: Ministers ‘assisted by AG’ in attempt to withhold truth – Delia

Monday, 14 October 2019, 15:07 Last update: about 4 months ago

Three government ministers are being aided by the Attorney General in an attempt to withhold the truth, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said.

He was addressing journalists after the Constitutional Court rapped the ministers’ lawyer for presenting a last-minute application for the three ministers not to testify in the case filed by Delia to be given a full copy of the Egrant inquiry.


The Egrant inquiry focused on allegations that the family of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat owned a company that was opened in Panama. Only the conclusion of the inquiry, led by then Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, was published.

Delia said people go to court to seek justice and truth, but today three government ministers came to court to try to hide truth with the assistance of the AG.

The Constitutional Court had ruled that the three ministers – Konrad Mizzi, Edward Scicluna and Chris Cardona – were to testify, but the case has now been put off to November because of a last-minute application for the ministers to avoid being witnesses.

What we want it to have access to the report as the government does, he said. This report should not only be available to the government, but also to the opposition, the media and the public.

This is unacceptable, Delia added. What the government wants to hide will be made public by the opposition, because the country has a right to know the truth.


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