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Reduce your environmental impact with Simple’s new biodegradable wipes

Thursday, 28 November 2019, 11:12 Last update: about 5 years ago

In a growingly conscious world, no one has to choose between taking care of their skin and caring for the environment. Unilever's vision is to grow their business while reducing their environmental impact. Their skincare brand, Simple, introduced new biodegradable wipes. Simple is now a brand which is Kind to Skin, Kind to People and Kind to the Planet, further emphasising the company's goal of reducing its environmental impact.

"We know that wipes affect our environment, but through the new Simple biodegradable wipes we'll be caring for the environment for our future generations," said Kim Borg from George Borg Ltd, official representatives of Simple in Malta. "The new biodegradable wipes have passed worldwide industry acceptance standards for biodegradability and compostability and when you throw them away, they will biodegrade in just 42 days - faster than onions and melon peel. Consumers will not need to make the difficult choice of either taking care of their skin or caring for the environment any longer, they can do both!"

The Simple biodegradable wipes effectively cleanse the skin of make-up and unclog pores of impurities. When disposed correctly in a compostable bin, the new biodegradable wipes will not stick around in a landfill. They are made of soft renewable plant fibres and sustainably-sourced wood pulp that will break down into compost. They are unscented and contain no artificial perfumes or colours and no harsh chemicals that can upset skin. The wipes are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic to care for all sensitive skin types. The new wipes are convenient, quick-to-use and the perfect addition to any makeup bag, gym kit and bathroom to give a gentle cleanse or touch-up for naturally healthy-looking skin every day.

On top of caring for the environment, Simple also launched a campaign together with Gaia Cauchi as their brand ambassador, to spread kindness online to stop cyber-bullying. Gaia Cauchi is an acclaimed Maltese singer, who represented Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and went on to winning the contest and has just recently released her debut single Why Should I, a neon-soaked pop tune, pumping with club-leaning energy and a catchy chorus. She has also taken part in the X-Factor UK in 2018.

In Malta, the brand donated funds towards bBrave as part of the campaign. These much-needed funds will be used to spread awareness in schools nationwide. bBrave is the first and only anti-bullying NGO in Malta with the aim of educating the community about bullying and its effects, as well as facilitate assistance for those impacted by it.

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