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Our past, present and future

Justyne Caruana Sunday, 1 December 2019, 09:15 Last update: about 9 months ago

Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.  John F. Kennedy


Time does not change: time reveals. It is now clearly evident that the Opposition is still in a state of denial. It has never come to terms with the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people have chosen to shed the old way of doing politics. Two massive majorities want to be protagonists in the shaping of an inclusive and equitable society, where the rule of law reigns supreme and good governance is the order of the day.


The events of the last few weeks have been eye-openers. While this Government is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that justice is served according to the rule of law, others have resorted to politicising the process to the detriment of the country’s stability and reputation. This tactic, which has been gaining momentum over the last six years, is aimed at undermining the fundamental principles of democracy and seeding negative sentiments at every level.


A semblance of unity

It is also fairly obvious that the PN has not learnt from its past mistakes. Its members, rather than evaluating and regenerating, have chosen to bury their heads in the sand. They have embarked on old-time dark and not-so-dark tactics to destabilise the country’s peace and harmony for partisan gain. It is therefore no wonder that their very raison d'être is fractured, disjointed and confused. They resist change and are steadfast in their obsession with having the God-given right to govern at all costs.

Never has it been more evident that they are taking advantage of the current situation and riding on the band-wagon in an attempt to appear as a unified front and to gain a semblance of credibility. This frantic attempt may appear popular for a while but, in the end, it will not hold water.

It is a fact that the party is fractured and polarised within itself. Factions within its ranks are vying for control. The ayes and nays in their decision processes are equal and opposite and have reached a stalemate. The only unifying force within – and the only time they seem to come together – is to create chaos and disseminate hate.


The real evidence

A fundamental question of great importance needs to be asked: do all the factions within their party want the truth or are they all overtaken by malicious ulterior motives? The real evidence in all events as they unfold is that the Opposition is intent of eroding public trust in the country’s institutions. It is becoming ever more evident that it is repeatedly resorting to an à la carte choice of the long-established legal and judicial processes and judgements, depending only on what suits them best.

One thing is sure and undeniable:  the events of recent weeks have once again shown huge difference between the two leaders, particularly in the way they address the media and the masses. At a glance, the Opposition Leader’s impulsiveness and explosive rhetoric could go down well with a few but to the discerning, they are superficial.

On the other hand, our Prime Minister’s calm, steadfast and humble demeanour respects people’s intelligence and rises beyond partisan politics with the good of the country at heart. As head of a responsible Government, he is doing his utmost to solve this heinous crime. Dr Joseph Muscat has publicly and unequivocally stated that this case will be resolved, whilst at the same time respecting the role of all the institutions.


Sharp contrast

The contrast between the two is stark. Over the years, Dr Muscat’s leadership has shown that he is not a politician but a true statesman. He has built his platform on a foundation of firm, unchanging and fundamental truths. Storms may try to destroy these foundations, challenges may arise and times will change, but the foundations remains. His policies and way of achieving them might change slightly but only to serve the purpose of strengthening the bedrock principles to which Labour has always adhered.

Dr Muscat has also shown that he does not govern by opinion polls. He believes in absolute truths, and his moral compass is rooted in a sense of absolute right and absolute wrong. A case in point is the current situation. He is doing everything within his legitimate power to leave no stone unturned, irrespective of who was involved. He is a man of integrity and leads by moral authority, his foresight is undeniable and it is through his vision that the country is enjoying so many successes. The ability of our Prime Minister to recognise problems on the horizon and come up with solutions that are good in both the short and the long-term show that he keeps in mind not only the here and now but what the future generations will inherit. 

Joseph Muscat’s credentials as a true statesman are evident. A politician’s primary and only objective is limited to being elected. This is true of the PN and has always been their sole aim as a Party.  The Labour Movement is being led by a Prime Minister who has at heart the common good of the people rather than his ego.


Populist trends

The current scenario exposes those who flip-flop on issues according to populist trends and periodic changes in the polls. They make conflicting promises that do not hold water and instead of unifying the country, try to destabilise it through false allegations and doubts in the very basic and fundamental foundations of our democracy.

In real terms, our Prime Minister is delivering on his promises and doing his utmost regarding what he believes is right for the country and I am confident that this will continue to vindicate him in the near future. We can rest assured that the rule of law in our country is healthy and thriving – despite all the attempts to depict otherwise. Time is constant and will reveal the absolute truth.

At the end of the day we are one nation and one within which, a hundred years ago, Labour was born. Rain or shine, we have succeeded in setting the foundations of a fair society. We have grown into a movement of unprecedented force. Over the years we have faced all kinds of hurdles but have bravely moved on in full respect of our fundamental values of solidarity and justice for all.  This time, too, our resilience and resolve will prevail for the well-being of the country!

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