The Malta Independent 25 October 2020, Sunday

New Year brings in increased tariffs for VRT testing

Saturday, 4 January 2020, 08:02 Last update: about 11 months ago

New tariffs have been introduced for VRT tests and within a two-year period there are plans that some motorcycles will also have to undergo testing, a Transport Malta official said.

With effect from this year the sector has also been liberalised and there is now no limit on the number of VRT operators as long as their applications conform to the legal regulations and planning.

Testing of private vehicles has now been increased by €5 to €25.27, TVM reports, while the cost of commercial vehicle testing has been increased by €10. Tests of all vehicles will increase by a further €5 in three years’ time.


Transport Malta official Vince Micallef Pule explained the reasons for the increased tariffs to TVM.

He said a 2018 EU directive added responsibility in testing procedures and the quality of equipment needed by the testing station. These factors added to liberalisation have resulted in gradual increase of tariff fees following a report commissioned by the authority in agreement with operators in the sector evaluating the viability of VRT tests and to ensure a fair return to operators while cushioning the impact on consumers.

The price of VRT had not changed in the first 20 years since the practice started in Malta

New private vehicles have to undergo VRT testing after four years on the road and then have to continue biannual testing. When 160,000 kilometres are exceeded, the test becomes annually. New commercial vehicles have to test after two years and after that have to be tested annually.

Micallef Pule said in two years’ time motorcycles over 125 cylinders will need VRT testing.


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