The Malta Independent 15 July 2020, Wednesday

PN will only support new PM if he takes up meritocracy, good governance proposals

Karl Azzopardi Sunday, 12 January 2020, 13:27 Last update: about 7 months ago

Opposition leader Adrian Delia said on Sunday that the new PM Robert Abela will only get the support of the Opposition if he answers to the proposals put forward by the Nationalist Party.

“Our country deserves a serious government and public administration that respects the laws of our country, with institutions that have no partisan interests and where Castille is no longer governed by criminality,” Delia told supporters in Zejtun.


He addressed his disappointment towards Abela’s pledge for continuity when the previous government has been riddled with criminal allegations. He referred to Abela as “another PM, rather than the new PM.”

Delia said that, in order for the country to move forward, accountability, transparency, meritocracy and good governance need to be held in high regard. Only if Abela takes up these proposals will the PN give him its support.

Delia said he believes that there are individuals who can no longer hold their position in government or administrative offices, such as Konrad Mizzi, who “Abela must remove immediately.”

The Attorney General must also be removed for creating a political imbalance and be replaced by someone who is elected by a two-thirds majority. Similarly, the Head of the Civil Service, Mario Cutajar, should be replaced “by someone who does not believe in partisanship.”

Delia also mentioned the Police Commissioner, Lawrence Cutajar. “I expect that Robert Abela, by the end of this speech on Sunday, will have already taken the steps required to remove the Police Commissioner, who has supported criminality and still needs to take accountability for what he has done.”

With regards to transparency, Delia expects that, as he has done with the Egrant report, Abela will publish any reports that are related to money laundering and corruption.

Finally, he said that it is the government’s responsibility to see that no executive position are filled without a public call and an intensive selection process, and anyone who holds such a position without going through this should resign immediately.

“I am making such proposals to the government so that if they are implemented, and I have to add  that I do not have much faith in this, together, we can help our country overcome the damage that has been done,” Delia stated.

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