The Malta Independent 12 July 2020, Sunday

Innovation a crucial driver at GO

Tuesday, 14 January 2020, 08:48 Last update: about 7 months ago

A new product prototype developed by a team of marketing people, developers, engineers and product owners at GO was presented to GO's management who will now consider its feasability and if approved, will be passed for a full-fledged implementation. 

The prototype was created during GOHack, GO's annual three-day hackathon held recently in Gozo over a three-day weekend event.

"We believe that hackathons create opportunities for focused teamwork, give people the chance to interact and learn from important mentors, help people from various backgrounds collaborate more closely, nurture more knowledge and personal development as well as lead to unexpected great ideas," said Hayley Bugeja, Software Developer at GO and one of the event's organisers.


GOHack 2019 involved people from different areas at GO who brought their respective input and expertise to the table. They were presented with a concrete problem and were invited to work on a solution by devising a product-market fit, user experience, the necessary software and hardware for this prototype complete with marketing ideas and a business plan.

"Promoting and instilling a strong sense of innovation amongst its employees, remains one of GO's foremost commitments," added GO CEO Nikhil Patil who attended and participated in the event.

"At GO, we view hackathons as an opportunity to measure our success as a company. For the team, it was a unique chance to see design-driven product development in action. The event turned out to be a very unique experience where we watched our most talented people think up solutions and put their expertise into practice. We admired their collaborative and instinctive skills and as an event, it helped bind us together as a team," added Mr Patil.

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