The Malta Independent 2 April 2020, Thursday

Daphne public inquiry: Alfred Sant questions relevance of queries about PL administration

Thursday, 16 January 2020, 09:34 Last update: about 4 months ago

Former Labour Party leader and PM Alfred Sant this morning questioned the relevance of queries being made about the Labour Party administration during the public inquiry into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

“Am I the only one who is frequently surprised by the way the public inquiry is being conducted to determine whether everything possible was in place by the government to ensure adequate protection to Caruana Galizia in the months and years before she was killed in the most obscene way?” he asked on Facebook.


How can it be ensured that the inquiry sticks to the subject in hand, he further asked.

He thinks that too many times the information sought has little relevance to the inquiry.

As an example, he mentioned what took place within the Labour Party in the past years and the role played by businessmen in the party’s administration. Another example was the seeking of opinions about the behaviour of different politicians.

This only serves for the media to have a field day, but is this what was behind the idea of a public inquiry into the murder, he asks.

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