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If Muscat will work to legalise abortion, he will find me fighting him – Abela

Thursday, 16 January 2020, 06:29 Last update: about 3 years ago

If former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has the intention of working to legalise abortion, he will “find me against him”, new Prime Minister Robert Abela said.

In his farewell speech, Muscat said he will dedicate his efforts from now onwards to work for civil rights that were for now considered taboo, a strong hint that he was referring to abortion.


Interviewed on the national TV station hours after appointing his Cabinet, Abela said he does not see a reason why the part in the Constitution that deals with the catholic religion should change. There should be changes in the Constitution, but not in that area, he said.

He said that he looks forward to good governance that brings with it economic growth, adding he is not afraid to take decisions to restore normality. Abela said he is speaking the same language as those advocating the rule of law. Decisions need to be taken to strengthen the rule of law and good governance.

Some reforms, including the way members of the judiciary are appointed, should not wait until the constitutional convention concludes. He said he is disappointed that Malta did not implement these changes before the Venice Commission report.

He said he was not comfortable with the fact that Nexia BT had an office in Castille, and neither is he comfortable that Malta’s reputation abroad took constant blows.

Abela said he will not take lessons from the Opposition Leader on his suggestions to remove the police commissioner, the attorney general and the head of the civil service. Decisions will be taken at the opportune time, he said.

He pledged to introduce a mechanism ensuring the presence of more women in Parliament. He said he cannot commit to a living wage as he knows this will not be sustainable. Conversely, it is possible to ensure equal wage for equal work.

Abela said he will retain Louis Grech as his consultant.


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