The Malta Independent 4 June 2020, Thursday

Education ministry 'following measures for containment so coronavirus remains away from Malta'

Tuesday, 25 February 2020, 17:40 Last update: about 4 months ago

The Education Ministry is working hand in hand with the Health Ministry and international organisations such as the World Health Organisation to continue to implement measures dedicated to making sure Coronavirus remains away from the country, Education Minister Owen Bonnici said on Tuesday.

Asked what precautions were being taken to ensure that children in schools were safe from the virus, Bonnici reminded that there were no cases of Coronavirus registered in Malta, and that the country is in containment phase – meaning that measures are being put in place so that the virus does not come into Malta. 


Asked about the presence of basic items such as hand sanitiser in schools, Bonnici said that the Ministry is following all pieces of advice given to them by local and foreign entities such as the Health Ministry and the WHO. 

He said that naturally, it is a time of concern and worry for teachers, parents, and students but appealed for all to work hand in hand with the authorities to make sure that all implemented measures are followed.

He said that teachers are showing concern about the current goings on, but again reaffirmed that the important thing is that the public remain informed and safeguarded.

Asked by this newsroom whether there are contingency plans in place for if there is a confirmed case in Malta, Bonnici said that the Health Minister can answer such a question better himself, but noted that he is in constant, almost daily, communication with him to ensure that the measures for containment continue to be implemented.

The questions come as Coronavirus edges closer to the Maltese islands, with cases being reported in the north of Italy and also in Sicily.

The movement has seen a sense of panic take over many Maltese, who flocked to supermarkets to stock up on supplies and non-perishable food.

The Health Ministry meanwhile reaffirmed that there are no cases of Coronavirus in Malta, and added further measures concerning those who are travelling in from affected places such as China, Iran, and northern Italy.


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