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Coronavirus: Massage parlours also to remain closed, €3,000 fine if places listed found open

Rebekah Cilia Thursday, 19 March 2020, 11:46 Last update: about 3 months ago

Massage parlours have been added to the list of public places to remain closed, after Prime Minister, Robert Abela announced, on Tuesday, that several places were to be closed to slow down the rate of new Coronavirus cases.

A new legal notice was issued, on Wednesday, stating massage parlours will be added to the list, which already includes bars, restaurants, cafeterias, snack bars, cinemas, gymnasiums, museums, exhibitions, clubs, discotheques, night clubs, open-air markets, indoor swimming pools, national swimming pool, gaming premises including controlled gaming premises, bingo halls, casinos, gaming parlours, lotto booths and betting shops.


These regulations came into force on 18 March and Abela had announced these public places would remain closed indefinitely.

€3,000 to apply each time such public place is found open

Another legal notice was issued, on Wednesday, that any of these public places found open shall be liable to a €3000 fine “for each and every occasion that the order for closure of places open to the public is breached.”

The original regulations have an exception, however, which states that restaurants, snack bars and kiosks can continue to provide deliveries and take-aways. Cafeterias have now also been added to this list.

Commissioners of Justice to deal with fines

These regulations, enforcing that such places shall remain closed, now legally fall under the Commissioners for Justice. The main function of these Commissioners is to provide for the establishment of a system for the depenalisation and trial of petty cases. The can now hand out penalties to those do do not observes the regulations to close such public places.

There are currently 17 Commissioners and according to the law, they are appointed by the Prime Minister.



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