The Malta Independent 15 April 2021, Thursday

Prime Minister calls for unity as country fights for freedom from pandemic

Tuesday, 31 March 2020, 09:01 Last update: about 2 years ago

Freedom Day is still relevant 41 years later, because the country is fighting for a different kind of freedom - freedom from a pandemic, Prime Minister Robert Abela said.

In a recorded message, Abela called for unity and said these challenging times will define our best qualities as a nation.

41 years ago, our forefathers put the country before their personal interests, he said.

"It was not easy. The country celebrated despite the fact that there were people who were going to end up without a job. They understood that the country needed to move forward, free from the chains of the past. The country achieved this success because people believed in one another."


Freedom Day is still relevant today, Abela said. "We are living it in a different context. There cannot be full freedom if there is no equality between the sexes, where we have more women in decision making roles. There cannot be full freedom if there is no social mobility, where everyone has the same opportunities to move forward in life."

Abela said we also have to redefine the values that are closest to our hearts. "We should give priority to the values that make us a better version of ourselves, such as honesty, integrity, love of family and altruism."

Division hinders us, the PM said, appealing to people to do away with the 'blue and red' mentality and to pull the same rope during these trying times.

Once the country is free of this pandemic, we can continue dreaming and achieving for our country, he said.

"This will be a victory achieved by a united people. This will be the moment that defines our best qualities."

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