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New PN shadow ministers announced, Delia gives justice portfolio to Azzopardi

Saturday, 4 April 2020, 17:39 Last update: about 3 months ago

PN Leader Adrian Delia has assigned new roles to members of the Parliamentary Group, through a shadow cabinet of allocation of duties. Several changes can be seen, most prominently the move of Spokesperson of Justice from Delia to Jason Azzopardi.

The full list is as follows:

PN Leader Adrian Delia - now has the sole task of Leader of the PN and the Opposition 

PN Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs David Agius - Spokesperson for Family, Social Solidarity, Adequate Pensions and Children's Rights


PN Deputy Leader for Party Affairs Robert Arrigo - Spokesperson for Tourism in a New World 

PN Whip Robert Cutajar  - Spokesperson for Youths, Lifelong Sports, Volunteering and the Fight against Obesity 

Deputy Whip Frederick Azzopardi - no spokesperson role 

Ivan Bartolo - Spokesperson for Social Accommodation, the Fight Against Poverty, Loneliness and Social Exclusion

Toni Bezzina - Spokesperson for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects 

Mario de Marco - Spokesperson for Finance

Kristy Debono - Spokesperson for the Economy and Small Businesses, Financial Services and Accessibility to Funds and European Budget

Maria Deguara - Spokesperson for Active Ageing and Persons with Different Abilities

Mario Galea - Spokesperson for Mental Health, Care for People in a Complete Manner, Dementia, the Fight Against Diabetes and Animal Rights

Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici - Spokesperson for Foreign Affair and Europe in a World without Borders 

Hermann Schiavone - Spokesperson for the Industry of Catering and Recreation, Consumer Protection and Public Cleanliness 

Stephen Spiteri - Spokesperson for Health

Edwin Vassallo - Spokesperson for Strengthening of Agriculture and Fishery, Hobbies, Self Employed and Cooperatives 

Chris Said - Spokesperson for Gozo and the Constitutional Reform

Jason Azzopardi - Spokesperson for Justice

Ryan Callus - Spokesperson for Energy and Conservation and Water Management 

Claudette Buttigieg - Spokesperson for True and Complete Equal Rights. She is also the Deputy Speaker

Clyde Puli - Spokesperson for Education, Work, and Social Dialogue 

Therese Comodini Cachia - Spokesperson for the National Heritage, the Arts, Culture and Media

Karl Gouder - Spokesperson for Strengthening of Local Government and Communities 

Claudio Grech - Spokesperson for Economy 

Beppe Fenech Adami - Spokesperson for National Security and the Fight against Criminality

Karol Aquilina - Spokesperson for Good Governance, Strengthening of Democracy, Citizenship and Reform of Public Service 

Ivan J Bartolo - Spokesperson for a Digital Society 

Kevin Cutajar  - Spokesperson for Land, Construction and Sustainable Development 

David Thake - Spokesperson for the Environment and Climate Emergency 

In a press release, Delia said that Malta is passing through a tough time, as well as a radical transformation. We are facing these challenges today and they will keep affecting us in the future.

The PN has, and will always be, ready in the most proactive manner for these challenges. For this reason, the division of different responsibilities is taking place to make sure the best use of talent within the PN Parliamentary Group is made, as well as to see what our country needs today, more than ever before.

The priorities include the climate emergency, renewal of the working world with the challenges this may present as regards the protection of jobs, how new opportunities can be created, and the strengthening of democracy.

At the same time, we have opportunities that include the ability to grow in a digital society and to better facilitate the accessibility of European funds. Tourism in a new world, adequate and sustainable pensions, and the fight against poverty of all types, are amongst the PN's priorities.

The PN wants to increase its work in Gozo, regional development, and to guarantee true equality.

The proactive work of the Leader of the PN, along with the Parliamentary Group, is to ensure that all these sectors will guarantee the care of the people, as the centre of its political work. The quality of life for every person shall be guaranteed to be in the centre of the work of the PN, without any distinction, in a society that cares.




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