The Malta Independent 25 May 2020, Monday

Intimidating tactics used to make football players accept contract termination – association

Tuesday, 7 April 2020, 19:40 Last update: about 3 months ago

The Malta Foorball Players Association posted on Facebook that it is informed of cases in which intimidating tactics are being used to induce players into accepting premature termination of contracts.

"Recently we have a case of a full-time player who has not been paid since January. A club representative told him that unless he agrees to sign a termination of contract agreement, as well as accepting approximately half the amount owed to him till the end of April, he will be kicked out of the apartment with his family. An apartment he is entitled to as per contract."


"The player who has not had a paycheck in over two months refused, and was kicked out of the apartment on the 3rd of April, in the middle of a pandemic. At this point, MFPA intervened and assisted the player and his family by covering the cost of accommodation until the end of April."

"We understand the situation is difficult for everyone and this is why we are in continuous contact with players, clubs and the federation to see how we can alleviate the burden. However, when the issue concerns players, whose main income comes from football, their salary and accommodation must continue to be covered. For no other reason than to allow him to survive. We are certainly not going to accept the use of such shameful methods by which players are thrown out onto the streets. With the government scheme, the club should be entitled to receive €800 per month which would have been a substantial part of this particular player's salary."

The Association appealed to any players who may find themselves in similar circumstances to come forward and contact them. "Contracts must be respected, unless an alternative agreement accepted by both parties is reached. In this particular case we will open legal proceedings in front of FIFA."

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