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Watch: First ever 4/20 message for Malta’s 40,000 cannabis users

Monday, 20 April 2020, 13:15 Last update: about 4 years ago

A government study has found that there are over 40,000 people who have used cannabis on at least one occasion in Malta, according to reforms parliamentary secretary Rosianne Cutajar.

Cutajar was speaking in a video message on Facebook on 20 April, the unofficial international day dedicated to cannabis users’ rights. “4/20 is a very important day for activists who work tirelessly in favour of those who make personal use of cannabis,” Cutajar said.


She reflected that whilst recreational cannabis use in Malta is not legal yet, the government has long since set out to be more sensitive to such people. “Back in 2015, the government had decriminalised the possession of cannabis for personal use and had regularised medical cannabis.”

Cutajar said that as reforms parliamentary secretary she has been working on a legislative framework to reduce the stigma connected with cannabis and to ensure the introduction of a law which reflects “the realities of society.” She listed a number of politicians, such as Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau, sport personalities such as Michael Phelps and entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, who have all admitted to use cannabis.

 “I’ve always said that I believe someone shouldn’t have their criminal record tainted, or end up in prison, simple because they used cannabis. Cannabis use is something shared by people across all social classes and professional educational background,” she explained.

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