The Malta Independent 16 July 2020, Thursday

Minister Owen Bonnici, MUT announce launch of Fondazzjoni Saghtar

Shona Berger Wednesday, 3 June 2020, 15:39 Last update: about 2 months ago

Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici together with the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) announced the launch of Fondazzjoni Saghtar, during a press conference today.

Fondazzjoni Saghtar is an ‘independent and autonomous voluntary organisation which aims to serve a social and educational function among all educations and students in Malta and Gozo.’


The President of the MUT Marco Bonnici said that “the MUT has been working very hard to overcome and deal with a number of issues and challenges which were developed because of certain circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

He said that “the Coronavirus has affected many sectors in our country including the scholastic year of students and educators. Thus, we are working on further developing and nurturing the professional aspect, as well as identifying what will happen from September onwards when a new scholastic year begins.”

Through Fondazzjoni Saghtar and as a union, “we will be able to not only identify any problems that may have risen because of the current situation but we will also be part of the solution. The MUT is now in a better situation to implement its dual role as a professional and a trade union organisation,” he said.

The Chairperson of Fondazzjoni Saghter and Vice-President of the MUT Elaine Germani explained the role of the foundation. She said that “the foundation is there to offer a space for educators and enable them to strengthen their professionalism.”

“The foundation was registered a few months ago with the Maltese Council of the Voluntary Sector and will be managed by myself, by Secretary Carmen Dimech, Rev. Jose Debono and other members – Anthony Casaru, Josette Camilleri, Lourdes Micallef,” Germani said.

“The main aim of the foundation is to promote education as much as possible. We will be looking at and contributing in various ways to the growth of the education profession, the improvement of the level of education and above all we will be looking at services that we can provide even to the students themselves.”

The foundation will be taking part in a number of initiatives and offering different services. Germani said that “we have already launched the foundation’s portal which is which involves various services for educations, one of which is related to the Saghtar magazine.”

Currently on the portal one will find a number of Saghtar magazines of past editions, from 1971 to 2015, packed with informative articles, interesting stories, games, light entertainment, and also popular posters depicting different personalities and music artists. Germani said that “all the past editions of the publication have been uploaded online and some of the articles have also been converted to audio files.”

“The MUT is working very hard to resume the publication of this magazine from the next scholastic year,” she said. This will be available both in print and also in a digitalised form which appeals to all modern day students in a more attractive and entertaining manner.

“The foundation is also planning to organize lectures and seminars on topics related to education, looking into research, training as well as planning to have a library.”

Germani said that they have already over 1,300 people who have registered, but if anyone is interested in registering one can apply by going on the portal It is available for everyone and at no cost. When one registers, automatically the person will have access to all the services that the foundation have made available.

Minister Bonnici remarked that the “foundation contains various projects such as publications and activities related with the educators’ professionalism. It is important and a step forward as it will ‘safeguard the growth of the teaching profession, enhance the level of education and above all the services provided to the students.’

“The Government has always worked for the best interest for educators and students so that they are given the best opportunities to improve their skills and abilities,” he said.

Bonnici encouraged the public to register through the portal ‘as several teachers and students will not doubt find it useful.’ He thanked all the educators who have been working extremely hard during such circumstances in order to keep the education of their students going.

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