The Malta Independent 13 July 2020, Monday

Fitness centres: Clients and staff must wear a face mask at all times, except when exercising

Thursday, 4 June 2020, 17:38 Last update: about 2 months ago

As of tomorrow, fitness centres and gymnasiums can open their doors to the public once more, whilst following and enforcing the necessary procedures to ensure the safety of their staff and clients.

The following measures must be implemented by all gymnasiums and fitness centres if they intend to reope:

1) Centres have the right to refuse clients entry if the client has a temperature over 37.2C, are visibly unwell or have respiratory symptoms


2) The maximum capacity of clients and staff that the gym/ fitness centre can hold at any one time is 1 person per 6 square metres, and must not exceed a total of 75 persons.

3) Every person must keep a minimum of 3 metres apart from each other.

4) If machines cannot be separated by 3 metres, alternative machines need to be cordoned off to ensure a minimum 3 metres separation between clients. Acrylic screens/ tempered glass barriers of at least 2 metres height may be erected between machines.

5) All gymnasiums/ fitness centres must provide 70% alcohol hand rub at the entrance of the facility.

6) Tempered glass barriers must be fitted in reception area.

7) All clients/users booking appointments must complete a health declaration before each visit, confirming that they have not been experiencing symptoms of COIVD-19.

8) The use of changing rooms and showers should be discouraged.

Staff must ensure that all gym equipment, changing rooms, toilets and showers are cleaned and disinfected every hour. Clients and staff must wear a face mask or visor whilst inside the gym/fitness centre, but it is important not to wear one whilst exercising. No water dispensers can be used, and all staff and clients should bring their own water and personal towels. The centre must keep a list of contact details of all the people accessing the gym premises for 28 days.

Group sessions must not exceed 8 persons, including a fitness instructor

Whilst group sessions are allowed, it is important that such sessions do not exceed eight persons, which includes the fitness instructor. The group must also stick to physical distancing of 3 metres throughout the session. One-to-one training must have no direct contact between personal trainers and clients. Booking for workouts should not exceed 1 hour; longer durations at the gym/fitness centre are strongly discouraged.

Apart from ensuring that equipment and machines are kept at a distance of 3 metres, it is important that clients wipe down equipment before and after every use.

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