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Housing Authority, Identity Malta work on simplified application process for single permit

Wednesday, 1 July 2020, 12:26 Last update: about 2 months ago

Following the entry into force of the law on private residential leases on 1 January 2020, a joint collaboration started between the Housing Authority and Identity Malta Agency in order to simplify the process for foreign residents in Malta who are renting properties in our country to have a valid residence permit issued in the shortest possible time.

The joint work between the Ministry for Social Accomodation and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Citizenship and Communities will help these foreigners experience less bureaucracy and more efficiency during their first months in Malta. This means that we are improving Malta’s competitiveness as a destination for investors and workers from other countries.


This was discussed at a meeting held between Minister Roderick Galdes and Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat together with representatives from the Housing Authority and the Identity Malta Agency.

Minister for Social Accomodation Roderick Galdes reiterated that “co-operation between different entities within the government is crucial in order to improve the service offered by the public sector and the quality of life of all those who choose to live, work and contribute to the development of our country. The quality of life is affected not only by how much money you have in your pocket but also by the quality of the service you receive, the more we simplify these processes the more we will be putting Malta in an ideal position to attract more workers.”

He concluded by saying that “we have already taken the first step by giving reassurance to various tenants, both Maltese and foreign, with the rental market reform, however, we will not stop here because we recognize that there is a lot more to be done so that anyone involved in the rental sector feels that they are participating in a fair, equitable and professional market. ”

For his part, the Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities Alex Muscat stressed that it is fundamental that entities within the Government work hand in hand to reflect the interest of the general public, and provide the best possible service to all those who reside in our country.

Parliamentary Secretary Muscat stated that the Identity Malta Agency is continuing its work to ensure that its services grow holistically and that it continues to be close to the people, as recently it has also announced more online services. The Parliamentary Secretary urged all those who want to update the requested information to do so immediately so that the Identity Malta Agency stays up to date.

Discussions that led to a procedure which reflects the new law, led the Identity Malta Agency to request a letter of approval issued by the Housing Authority to ensure that the applicant has a secure title on each residential lease contract that falls under the parameters of the law and by which he can apply for the relevant permits to be able to live and work in our country.

The entities also agreed that in the case of lease contracts lasting six months, when the time comes for the renewal of the single permit, the applicant is required to provide the first contract which was originally furnished when the previous application was submitted, i.e. the one between the expiry of the first contract and the expiry date of the single permit, together with the current leases which must always have a duration of not less than six months.

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