The Malta Independent 24 September 2020, Thursday

Bernard Grech publishes electoral manifesto

Kevin Schembri Orland Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 18:40 Last update: about 8 days ago

Bernard Grech has issued his electoral manifesto titled ‘My promise’, soon after officially being recognised as a candidate for the post of PN leader.

The first item listed in the document is the need to unite the party.


“To achieve unity, the party needs a leadership that works to continue winning the trust of the people.” He pledged that, if elected, he will work continuously to achieve such unity.

The leadership hopeful’s manifesto also highlights that there would be space for everyone within the PN. “Unity in every organisation is built on the fact that everyone feels that they have a voice, and that their participation is appreciated.”

He pledged that every MP, party official as well as new people be included in the PN’s work, and that he will sit down and speak with those who do not back him in order to find what unites them.

He also spoke about making the party credible, promising to meet anyone interested to listen and understand what they want the PN to be. He said that this will result in a credible, trusted PN that listens, discusses and identifies what the problems are, and finds solutions for them.

The manifesto also addresses youths, and promises that he will work to attract more youths to the PN and within all its structures, including as candidates to contest elections.

The manifesto also highlights modern methods of communication. “While keeping and strengthening the party’s traditional media – Net TV, Net FM and the party’s newspapers, we must also invest in the future of media, that is online. Our media must be content driven and adaptable with modern media and social media.”

In the document, Grech says that he is convinced that the PN can again become a winner. “If you trust me with the PN’s leadership, the first victory we will have will be unity, the second will be to offer a strong and credible vision and programme to the people.” The third victory, it reads, will be that the PN again becomes a modern and progressive movement that gets its strength from diversity and inclusivity.

Grech's full manifesto can be read here.

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