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Bernard Grech officially submits nomination for PN leader post

Tuesday, 15 September 2020, 13:34 Last update: about 10 months ago

Bernard Grech has officially submitted his nomination for the post of PN leader.

In a short statement, the PN’s Electoral Commission said that it had received Grech’s nomination, which was handed to its chairperson Peter Fenech on Tuesday.

The Commission said that it had verified the application and confirmed that it is valid.

Hence, Grech was informed that his nomination was accepted and that he is officially a candidate in the election for PN leader.


Grech’s nomination was seconded by MPs Kevin Cutajar, Claudette Buttigieg and Ryan Callus.

According to the PN statute, a nomination must be seconded by 3 MPs, five local councillors, 15 members of the Executive Committee, 50 members of the General Council and 50 party members (tesserati).


Grech had an additional 1,100 signatures over and above the required number, a member of his campaign team said. These signatures were collected on Sunday in five localities; Mosta, Sliema, Mrarr, Tarxien and Victoria.

Grech is the only contender to Adrian Delia – who is yet to officially submit his nomination – for the post of PN leader, an election which came about after several weeks of internal turmoil within the party.

Both Grech and Delia have satisified the party's due diligence process and were deemed as eligible to contest for the PN leadership post in the upcoming election, which will take place on 3 October.
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