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I will work 24/7 to ensure that in next election we will make the impossible, possible - Grech

Giulia Magri Saturday, 19 September 2020, 14:17 Last update: about 2 months ago

If Bernard Grech is elected as Nationalist Party leader he said that he will work “24/7 and tirelessly to ensure that I will give people their faith in me and when a general election comes, I will make the impossible, possible.”

PN leader candidate Bernard Grech said this during an interview on NET FM with TVM journalist Liam Carter on Saturday.


Whilst not giving a clear answer of whether he believes that the Opposition can win the next general election, he made it clear that he is ready to work hard and strengthen the party to give the people a strong opposition party and alternative government.

“The gap between the Nationalist Party and Labour government continues to decrease as every day goes by because more people are becoming aware of the corruption and lies of our government.”

Earlier this week the Nationalist Party published the due diligence report of both Bernard Grech and Adrian Delia.

When asked regarding his income tax irregularities, Grech said that he has already explained that he settled his tax dues and has already admitted that he could have done better. “Both as an individual and now as a politician, I am aware I could have been more careful and I have no problem with telling people that I could have done better.” He said that he understands when people tell him that they have financial problems, because he too has faced them.

He showed the journalist his compliance report from the tax department which showed he has no pending liabilities with the tax department. “I am aware that there are individuals who do not wish I have this certificate; but I am the only candidate with this certificate. My message is that we can get up and learn from our mistakes, and I am determined to move forward and ensure that this country has a clean government and justice.”

When asked what he would have done differently if he were the Prime Minister during the coronavirus pandemic, Grech firstly pointed out that none, no government was prepared for the pandemic. “As a country we rose to the occasion and made big sacrifices, and fought against the invisible enemy by staying at home.”

Yet he pointed out that Prime Minister Robert Abela rushed too quickly to get the economy rolling, and was not fully honest. “Our Prime Minister decided to say that the waves were in the sea and that everything is okay. If I were Prime Minister I would have asked for the correct balance between health and economy, and to not rush out, but to go out and be careful and follow the measures accordingly.”

When asked about the reopening of schools, Grech said that students need to go and learn and that whilst online teaching has worked, it can never replace physical learning. “Unfortunately it is very clear that schools are going to open in a very rushed manner, and I appeal to teachers and parents to speak out if they face and difficulties and to work hand in hand with both the Health Authorities and Education Ministry.”

Grech was also asked whether he would work with Delia if he were to be elected as leader to which he repeated that as leader he wants to break down the way politicians ‘listen’ to one another. “I feel very comfortable with working with Delia. I believe that as politicians we need to change the way we listen to one another; I want to place ourselves together to discuss and listen. We need to listen to everyone, and yes if Delia wants to give his opinion I am there to listen.”

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