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Sliema double murder suspect asked to be put in cell with co-accused so he could kill him

Friday, 25 September 2020, 15:38 Last update: about 26 days ago

The compilation of evidence against Viktor Dragomanski, who stands accused of the murder of doctor turned banker Christian Pandolfino, 58, and art dealer Ivor Maciejowski, 30, who were shot dead at their residence on Locker Street Sliema on 18 August at around 10:20pm continued this morning.

36-year-old North Macedonian national Viktor Dragomanski, was arrested on 26 August. He is the second man charged with the murder, after Daniel Muka 25 from Albania.


Several police witnesses testified before magistrate Joe Mifsud this morning, amongst them, Inspector Saviour Baldacchino from the police’s Major Crime Unit. Baldacchino had spotted Dragomanksi attempting to escape over rooftops adjacent to the Blue Bay Hotel in Gzira when the police had gone to arrest him.

After being apprehended the Macedonian started muttering about “the Albanian,” said the inspector.

“He said that he wanted to be put in the same cell as the Albanian,” Baldacchino said.

“If I am put in the same cell as the Albanian I will kill him…he got me into this trouble,” he recalled the accused as saying, adding that the man had insisted that he had not shot the victims.

Lawyer Joe Brincat asked to confirm whether Dragomanski was very angry at the Albanian for getting him in a lot of trouble.

“Yes,” replied the inspector. “Did he mention that the Albanian shot the men?” asked the lawyer. “There were further investigations- I am just saying what I heard myself,” Baldacchino replied.

Emergency physician Dr. Jonathan Joslin also testified in the packed courtroom this morning. He had been part of the trauma team dispatched by 112.

“It was a Code Red, multiple victims, possible firearms incident,” recalled the doctor. “This means we respond at a higher level of specialty,” with more emergency medical experts than usual, he explained.

En route it was confirmed that there were two victims, so two emergency physicians were then dispatched, he said. Joslin treated Pandolfino.

“Due to the blood spatter and bullet casings, I deduced it was a shooting. He was not breathing and showed no signs of life.”

The other victim was on the landing upstairs, he said.

The same examination was carried out and Maciejowski was also pronounced dead at the scene.

“As it was a crime scene at that point in time we moved back and let the forensics take over. I issued the certification of death at 23:03”.

Previously, Inspector Colin Sheldon gave his account of the incident from the police perspective, giving an account similar to that given in a previous sitting by his colleague Inspector James Grech.

Three separate witnesses had called up the police to report gunshots at Locker street and had seen people leaving the Pandolfino residence in a white Volkswagen Tiguan.

Pandolfino’s body was found right behind the front door, lying face down in a pool of blood. He had five bullet wounds. Some spent cartridges were found near the body.

Maciejowski’s body was found on the landing of the stairs of the residence, with a bullet wound to the face, Sheldon said.

At the end of today’s sitting, the court decreed that there was sufficient prima facie evidence for a bill of indictment to be issued.

The case continues on 10 November.

Lawyer Joe Brincat is appearing for the accused.

Lawyer Joe Giglio is appearing parte civile.

Police inspectors James Grech and Colin Sheldon are prosecuting. 


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