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Concert by the Faculty for Social Wellbeing on Friday aims to bring people together

Thursday, 3 December 2020, 10:49 Last update: about 6 months ago

The Faculty for Social Wellbeing, in collaboration with KSU, will be hosting its first Live Welcome Concert entitled “Safe Space for All”. 

The Concert will feature live music by The New Victorians and the event will be broadcasted Live on Facebook on the 4th December at 19:00. 

The event was primarily intended as a light welcome event for students and staff; however as interest in the initiative spread, the Faculty focused on targeting the general population. 


Prof. Andrew Azzopardi, Dean for the Faculty for Social Wellbeing said that “the scope behind this event is to bring people together, especially during these stressful times. By creating something which everyone can enjoy, we hope to bring some cheer, joy & positivity into everyone’s household”. 

During this one-hour long event, hosted by Prof. Andrew Azzopardi & Ms. Julia Cini, KSU Secretary General, the Faculty for Social Wellbeing will also be inviting three of its students /alumni to speak about resilience, inclusion and equality.

Prof. Andrew Azzopardi explained that “as a Faculty, we are often discussing important topics which are also intense, and likely to entice emotions amongst individuals. This time we wanted to set a lighter tone to spread our message, and what better way to do that than through the power of music?” 

In preparation for the Concert, The New Victorians stated that “we believe that we don't connect over our pretend perfection, we connect over our shared struggles. In being vulnerable and real with one another we must work towards a safer society for all. Each drop in the ocean matters and each person has an important role to play in working towards a more inclusive society - be it with your voice, your craft or your vocation." 

As part of its efforts to further distribute this event, the Faculty for Social Wellbeing requested the support of a number of stakeholders for this initiative. The Concert will be shown on over 40 Facebook pages. 

The event is being sponsored by Kindred.


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