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Malta’s big cat collection: 64 tigers, 20 lions, 24 pumas and many more

Neil Camilleri Monday, 7 December 2020, 17:32 Last update: about 5 years ago

There are 127 big cats in Malta, including 64 tigers, 20 lions, and 24 pumas.

The information, tabled in Parliament by Animal Rights minister Anton Refalo, shows that there are also 11 leopards, 3 jaguars, 2 European lynx, 2 serval cats and one jungle cat.

Most of the abovementioned animals are registered. Some of them are not registered due to “pending issues.”


The list provided by the minister give a breakdown of registered animals held at registered zoos, and those in private collections.

42 of the tigers are held in zoos, 7 are in private collections and another 13 are not yet registered.

With regard to lions, there are 3 in zoos, 7 in private collections and 10 unregistered.

Other wild animals found at registered zoos include: 3 brown bears, 1 zebra, 4 Alpacas, 8 bottlenose dolphins, 2 American sea lions and several species of monkey.

The list of reptiles held at zoos features several species of turtles and snakes and other reptiles. These include: Royal ball phytons, Bearded dragons, Burmese phytons, California kingsnakes and Green Iguanas.

Besides tigers, lions, leopards and jaguars, private collections also feature Green Monkeys and Barbary Macaques.

The full list may be found here.  

Revised rules on the keeping of wild and exotic animals are currently up for public consultation.

Replying to another PQ by PN MP Mario Galea, Refalo said there are 14 individuals who are registered as keepers of ‘Dangerous Animals.’

Such animals can be kept at zoological establishments or in private collection at sites that are in comformity with L.S. 439.19.



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