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Failure to recycle more plastic shows government is failing its objectives - Grech

Jake Aquilina Sunday, 7 February 2021, 13:32 Last update: about 29 days ago

Opposition leader Bernard Grech said that the government's failure to recycle more of the plastic waste which was collected is a clear showing that it is failing its objectives.

Grech spoke during a political activity on Sunday.

"The government's failure can be seen clearly. The National Statistics Office confirmed that only 1% of the plastic collected was recycled. This is a clear failure. Today the government is getting caught red handed and is showing that it had no plan. This confirms why the Labour government was scrambling to build an incinerator," Grech said.


"We had a recycling plant mysteriously burn down. The government tries to dupe us into thinking that it is still managing to reach recycling goals. These are lies. The government lies to the people. That which is good needs to be said that it is good, but that which is bad we have to point it out."

Grech also sent his regards to Kevin Cutajar, the PN MP who was made fun of on social media due to his blindness. "I applaud Kevin for showing how to be resilient. He continues to be a politician who represents everyone, and believes in everyone's skills."

The Opposition leader also acknowledged the birthday of former PN leader, prime minister and president Eddie Fenech Adami. "Eddie Fenech Adami is the father of Malta in Europe and a person who put the Maltese citizen at the forefront in all he did."

The government has made a lot of mistakes in the recent past, Grech stated, as he mentioned the hospital's deal, on which there is an ongoing court case against the government and Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH).

Grech thanked his predecessor Adrian Delia, who was also present at the political event in Birkirkara, for raising this issue and fighting for justice in court.

"We are living in a country which has a noose around its neck. The government made a lot of mistakes and decided to give away Maltese hospitals. To get back our hospitals, to be the leaders of our hospitals, we need to pay at least €100 million."

Grech also spoke about the power station.

"Through the work conducted by MPs Beppe Fenech Adami, Ryan Callus and Karol Aquilina, we have uncovered that, in order to have control over our power stations, we would have to pay €417 million," Grech remarked.

"This party will keep on working to issue better proposals so that we can continue to progress. I can confirm that we are working on a strategy. For sure, we cannot let this injustice continue. We can't let this government to continue stealing from us every day."

He promised that a Nationalist party in government will promote alternative energy. "It can't be that people receive 7.5c for every unit they generate with their investment, while they pay 10.5c for every unit they receive from the government," Grech remarked. "This anomaly will end, so we will pay the minimum of 10.5c for every unit from every source of energy one invests in."

The Opposition leader also suggested that the Nationalist Party is gaining ground by attracting more people.

"This party wants to include more youths in its ranks. This party is attracting more people to it. This is not by coincidence, but because we are showing that we are an alternative government. More people are realising that the PN is growing and becoming stronger," he said. 

"We want to modernise this party. We want to communicate better with you. We will increase our means of reaching out, so that we can spread our message. Everyone is working and pulling the same rope. Tomorrow can be better with the new movement that the Nationalist Party is pushing towards." 

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