The Malta Independent 14 April 2021, Wednesday

Bernard Grech calls for inquiry into rumours of people skipping vaccine queue

Jake Aquilina Thursday, 4 March 2021, 15:56 Last update: about 2 months ago

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech has called for an inquiry to be launched into rumours that people are skipping the vaccine queue.

"I informed the Health Minister about rumours we received that, in Attard, there might have been people who received the vaccine when they were not on the list to receive it. An investigation should be launched," the Opposition leader announced.

Grech also said that nurses in clinics are not receiving the list of people who are meant to receive the vaccine. "The president of the MUMN said that nurses are not receiving the list of those who are going to take the vaccines. People are just walking in to take it."


"I am calling for an independent inquiry to be launched, so as to ensure that whoever took the vaccine should have been in line to take it. If things were not being done correctly, then they will need to start being done well."

Grech believed that if random people are being called in to take the vaccine, it goes to show that the government has lost control over the healthcare system.

 "The inquiry should show the facts and deliver quick results. It is evident that we have a collapse in the management of our country's healthcare system."

Grech also said that the measures announced by the Prime Minister on Thursday have come too little, too late, after a new record of daily cases was set for the second time in three days, with 362 new daily cases registered on Thursday.

"The government tried to lay the blame on the Opposition. We can't let the Government continue lying to the people," Grech asserted.

The PN leader also pointed out that the cracks in the Government's way of dealing with healthcare are starting to show.

"I would have ensured that the contact tracing system wouldn't have collapsed... everyone knows that it has collapsed. The Prime Minister is arrogant and hard-headed, I wouldn't expect him to listen."

"It is obvious that contact tracing has failed. It is obvious that we don't have enough human resources; If there were only enough employees to reach 100 people per day to guide them in terms of when and if they should quarantine, then how can they deal with 300? This system is collapsing because the prime minister and the health minister did not take good care of it," Grech said. 

"This is what happens when the government is not being transparent. The institutions are not working, and are there only to defend criminals and politicians. The lack of clarity and transparency is the trademark of a labour government. This is not acceptable."

PN MP Claudette Buttigieg also comment on how she was approached to take the vaccine yet refused it. She Was referring to Health Minister's Chris Fearne's accusations that there are PN MPs who wanted to skip the queue for the vaccine.

"I was told that I can take the vaccine, but I refused it - I didn't want to skip the queue. What happened yesterday in parliament is symptomatic of what is happening in our country. Under Joseph Muscat and Robert Abela, everyone gets bought. And now the vaccine is being used."

Buttigieg also noted that she has been receiving calls from people who were saying the same - that they could skip the line to take the vaccine due to a lack of organisation and administration.




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