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Government announces Building and Construction Authority Board and CEO

Friday, 16 April 2021, 17:51 Last update: about 1 month ago

The Building and Construction Authority's (BCA) board has been formed. 

This was announced by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia and Parliamentary Secretary for Construction Chris Agius. 

Minister Farrugia said that this step marks the government's audacity to completely reform the construction sector. 

"The government is continuing to work towards a sustainable construction industry in the Maltese islands. This reform will modernise, safeguard and strengthen the industry, while improving quality of life and providing peace of mind to all families in Malta and Gozo. The Authority is becoming a reality. Today, we are announcing the new Authority's Board after the government has already began implementing various reforms in the construction industry. This is a board made up of the best talents and representing numerous stakeholders and members of society. In what is typically considered to be a male-dominated industry, this Board also consists of mainly women," Minister Farrugia said. 


Minister Farrugia said that the need for an Authority is emphasised in the Quintano report. "In fact, the Authority is the fulcrum of the report. Now, the Authority will be tasked with building upon the reform that has already started, including the implementation of National Building Codes," he said. 

Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius said that this marks an important day for the building and construction sector. He said that the board will be exercising the functions it has been trusted with so that it would be able to execute its powers and duties properly, and that the board will be made up of persons with different capabilities who, through their experiences, will be key milestones in the Authority's success. He thanked the board of the Building and Construction Agency which has worked for the past few months to bring us to this important step. He also thanked Ivor Robinich, who served as the Agency's CEO. 

The government, on its own initiative, asked the Opposition to nominate a representative for this board, and Dr David Bonello was appointed.

The Building and Construction Authority Board will consist of:


Ing. Karl Azzopardi


Perit Maria Schembri Grima 

Board Secretary

Ms Roberta Cutajar


Dr Ian Borg

Ing. Abigail Cutajar

Perit Robert Ellul Sciberras 

Perit David Xuereb

Ms Denise Micallef Xuereb 

Perit Eve Degiorgio

Mr Charles Ellul

Dr Desiree Attard 

Ms Charmaine Mangion

Dr David Bonello


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