The Malta Independent 15 May 2021, Saturday

Prime Minister optimistic of good summer if measures continue to be followed

Sunday, 2 May 2021, 12:03 Last update: about 12 days ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela expressed his optimism about Malta’s upcoming summer season, as long as Covid-19 measures continue to be followed.

Abela said that he is looking forward to 1 June, when the tourism sector will be able to become active again without endangering anyone when it comes to Covid-19.

He reassured everyone that if the mitigation measures set out by the authorities continue to be respected than he is optimistic that the country will have a good summer season


Speaking on ONE Radio on Sunday, Abela said that the government shall continue to be pro-active so that the coming months will be successful on every level.

During his telephone interview, Robert Abela also announced that after the 70 million investment to better Malta’s infrastructure, the Government has now began organizing groups of workers coming from various entities like Transport Malta and Enemalta to start cleaning and embellishing various localities.

The Prime Minister insisted that this is the next step for a better living.

Discussing recently published poverty statistics, Abela said that the government’s proactivity had resulted in 1,000 less people being in poverty and even though the 2020 forecasts were indicating that around 50,000 workers would end up jobless

This did not happen, Abela said, as the Government helped all businesses as much as possible to safeguard employment.

When asked about the vaccine roll-out, Abela said today’s positive cases are the lowest in the last 8 months. He said that Malta has the best vaccination rollout in all Europe and that the country now ranks above the UK as well.

Abela insisted that this success is not a coincidence but a result of a pro-active government which worked hard on a European level to buy vaccines from all manufacturers to make sure that the population will be covered.

He reminded that the Nationalist Party was convinced that the vaccine will not reach our country before April, noting that the facts today show otherwise.

“Our success during this pandemic was also thanks to all businesses which sacrificed a lot and are still thinking positively about the coming months”, Abela said.

Abela insisted that current heal measures are still to be obeyed by everyone but said that the present scenario is positive and he is confident that by 10 May a good number of measures will be lifted.

The Prime Minister said that he understands the disappointment of those who have been affected by the latest measures, especially shops, restaurants and bars but said that these measures were necessary to safeguard our nation.

When asked about the 1 May activities, that took place on Saturday, the Prime Minister emphasized that he is always impressed by the love that is shown towards the workplace both by the owners but also by the workers themselves. This shows, he said, that when the employers treat their workers with respect, the quality level is higher and success is guaranteed.

Abela praised the Maltese people as they are resilient and out of every troubled situation manages to find good opportunities to continue moving forward.

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