The Malta Independent 22 June 2021, Tuesday

‘You let us down’ – Authorities criticised as illegal Sliema beach ‘parties’ continue

Saturday, 5 June 2021, 09:33 Last update: about 17 days ago

Illegal ‘beach parties’ continue to take place in Sliema on an almost daily basis, despite laws banning gatherings of more than four people.

New photos uploaded on social media show two large gatherings of people near Exiles and Independence Garden.

A Sliema resident said one of the ‘parties’ lasted until around 5.45am on Saturday, with loud music that could not even be drowned out with the use of headphones.


Another resident said such events have been taking place “five times a week for the past three weeks.”

“I don’t know who’s responsible but, surely, something should have been done ages ago.”

The resident said the area had become a “hotspot” after midnight and suggested that the area should be closed off with barriers. Where is the enforcement, he asked?

“Where are the health authorities? It keeps getting worse and worse. You let us down.”

Over the past days, photos of mounds of litter left behind by partygoers have enraged the public. 

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