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Robert Abela must denounce Joseph Muscat’s legacy – Grech

Sunday, 18 July 2021, 11:45 Last update: about 3 years ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela needs to denounce Joseph Muscat's legacy for the honour and reputation of the country and for the dignity of the people, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday.

Speaking in a brief radio interview on NetFM, he was asked about a statement made by Desmond Zammit Marmarà, that Prime Minister Robert Abela must disassociate himself from his predecessor.

"We cannot remain in the shadow of the most corrupt politician in the world in 2019," Grech said.


"If Abela does not do this, it means he will keep defending Joseph Muscat as he always did, and will keep sending the message that he is content with all the bad Joseph Muscat and his friends did," Grech said.

"Let us not forget that Robert Abela failed every test he had, such as when he chose to vote against our motions in Parliament, so he was voting in favour of criminality and corruption."

Grech criticised the Prime Minister for "not having the courage" to table complete documents regarding Electrogas and Vitals Global Healthcare, for not giving complete information as to what the FATF told Malta to do.

Turning to Covid-19, Grech said that this is a situation of great sadness, and that it is unfortunate that at a time meant to be for relaxation, summer, "we are worrying again as numbers are rising. Let's understand that while this is happening around the world, this is also a government failure."

He criticised the government for the contradicting decisions it took, first allowing unvaccinated students to enter the country, then requiring a vaccination certificate, going from one extreme to another.

He also said that people are confused with the situation, and emails being sent by the people to the health authorities are not being answered. "It is as though they lost control."

Speaking about the political situation in general, Grech said that if the country wants to move forward, then the political parties must compete among themselves to be the best, and not run to the bottom. "We must compete on how we will be the best, and not just tell people to vote for us as we are less bad than the PL."

He spoke about making the PN the vehicle for change needed in the country.

To do this, he said, people must work together, not only people who have long been within the PN, but those coming into it now. "We need to keep opening up for more people who are saying privately and publicly that there is a need for change, showing them that they can come to the party."

Before inviting someone into his home, he said, he cleans, lays the table and prepares some food. "That is what we have been doing these past months, preparing to welcome those who want to change the country with us."

It is the PN's duty to work for the good of the country, Grech said.

A year ago, he said, he decided to drop everything and took a leap, to help give the country a choice.

"Chris Peregin made this choice as well.  He left everything, left the success he had, as he understood that he had a duty to make a difference. There are many making this choice."

"There are those who are not yet comfortable as they fear that either the party is not ready, or that the party will not accept them. My invitation, my promise is that we are ready, we need you."

He mentioned how Francis Zammit Dimech and Censu Galea stepped down as Secretary General and president of the party's general council, to make room for new people.

He said that they gave their lives to the PN, and that their decision to step aside from those roles is not the end of the line for them within the party. He said that they are giving the space for a new generation to fill such posts while still working to improve the party.




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