The Malta Independent 18 September 2021, Saturday

‘We cannot rest as that would endanger everything we have gained‘ - PM

Sunday, 25 July 2021, 10:34 Last update: about 3 months ago

Malta cannot rest on what it has achieved so far, as doing so would endanger all of it, Prime Minister Robert Abela said on Sunday about the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

The Prime Minister spoke about a report by the International Monetary Fund which, among other things, praises Malta's vaccination programme. He also noted that confidence in families and businesses has reached pre-pandemic levels.

"We have best vaccination programme in the world.  We cannot rest as we would put everything in peril. I urge everyone to take the vaccine and to help us urge those who have not taken it to take it."


He said that there was a very positive response to mobile clinics. "More than 8000 people used them."

The reality is that there is a small minority who don't want to take the vaccine, he said.  "While you can't force someone to take the vaccine, the country will take all the decisions with the aim to give value to the vaccine to protect the Maltese people, especially the elderly and vulnerable."  

He said that currently restaurants are open, artistic and cultural activities began to take place, sport activities are taking place. "Let's let this all continue.  To do this we must keep the vaccination programme strong and we can't rest until, if possible, we have everyone vaccinated."

He also spoke about the investment made in the quality of life of families during the pandemic.

Abela was asked about the PL's General Council. He said that, even with the Covid-19 restrictions which were observed, it was good to be among the people again.

The conference, he said, was built around the ideas of the people, the 100 ideas project. "It was a conference that showed a united team, where the established element united with the new elements in the party to move the country forward."

The Prime Minister spoke about unemployment, and said how at the beginning of the pandemic, experts said tens of thousands of jobs would be in peril. Now, he said, Malta has fewer than 1,600 people registering as unemployed. This, he said, gives the country hope and courage.

"We also have the lowest unemployment rate among youths in the EU," he said, quoting statistics.

"When we have people in employment, we have the peace of mind that we can move forward, that families can move forward. This came about through initiatives we took as government, that we built with the social partners."

He said that international reports took note of the measures the government took, and the results achieved, predicting economic growth that will be one and a half times more than Malta predicted for itself.

He spoke about improving the quality of life for people, and said that progress on this aspect must continue. "This comes from having a better environment and in investment in sectors like sport."

He spoke about such work in Gozo, such as the Marsalforn promenade, creating more open space for families, and the Gozo Aquatic centre.

The Prime Minister spoke about investment in the arts sector, mentioning various schemes in place to help artists, who he said made many sacrifices during the pandemic.



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