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‘If we want a better world, we must work together’ – Prime Minister

Sunday, 26 September 2021, 11:17 Last update: about 19 days ago

If people want a better world, then countries need to work together, Prime Minister Robert Abela said on Sunday.

During a brief interview on ONE radio, Abela spoke about his statement during the UN General Assembly, and said that countries must work together to recover from Covid-19, by creating a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world.

"We can achieve this if people, countries work to counter the negative effects of the pandemic, to work towards sustainable development and work together to face challenges."

"While the pandemic is a challenge, so is climate change and we must take action before it is too late," he said.

He spoke about Libya and the Mediterranean region, "showing how at international level Malta is not just an observer."

This week, he said, the EU's S&D Group will be in Malta before important EU sessions. "This shows the recognition of the reforms we have and will continue to make."

He said that the government and other members of the S&D Group have common principles, such as equality and the fight against climate change.

Turning to his government's work, he said that every time the PL government made a promise, it kept it, and built upon it. "If in July we achieved a record low amount of unemployment, we built on this and improved on it."

"The most important thing for us is not to promise everything to everyone, or to say that we will do everything by the next day, but people know that we work with a plan and implement what we promise."

The Prime Minister also spoke about the new round of government's 62+ Savings Bond.


"Such schemes are from a government with a progressive economics policy, which we did not have under a PN administration. Just like they didn't used to dream of increasing pensions like we do year on year."


He spoke about the tax refund for workers. For the fourth consecutive year, government is giving a cheque to everyone who works, he said. Those who earn the least got the most.

He said that this was over and above the vouchers that had been given by the government.

He said that in four years, the government would have given €53 million in the pockets of families through such tax refunds.

The Prime Minister then spoke about government's income. He said that August saw the highest income for that month in history.


"This shows how the government measures, including the second round of vouchers, resulted in strong spending by people."

"Unemployment fell to historic lows as a good number of jobs kept being created. In 8 months, the deficit reduced by a third, while we are still paying wage supplement."

Abela then took aim at the PN. The difference between the PL and the PN, he said, is the difference between a united and a divided party.

He said that the government is open to criticism, so much so that it invited people from all sectors to say their part, "while the opposition party, despite not being in power, continues stomping its feet and sending the message that only what it does is good, and whatever anyone else does is bad."



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