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Lamin Jaiteh, the injured worker found dumped on the pavement, discharged from hospital

Albert Galea Sunday, 17 October 2021, 12:16 Last update: about 3 months ago

Lamin Jaiteh, the injured construction worker who was found dumped on the pavement with grievous back and arm injuries, has been discharged from hospital, the woman who found him said on social media on Sunday.

In a case which shocked the country and reopened a debate about racism and the treatment of workers in the construction industry, Jaiteh was allegedly left on the pavement by the boss of the construction site he was working at.


Jaiteh had allegedly fallen two stories, suffering injuries which were later confirm to include a broken back, at a construction site when he was allegedly told by his boss Glenn Farrugia that he would take him to hospital.  However, Farrugia then allegedly left Jaiteh on the side of the road close to Selmun, before leaving the scene.

Farrugia is currently facing charges in court in relation to the incident.  He denies any guilt.

Caroline Galea, the woman who found Jaiteh and who exposed the case, took to Facebook on Sunday to share that Jaiteh had been discharged from hospital.

“He has now been discharged from hospital and is home. We have organised for a carer to tend to him whilst he is recovering from his back and arm injuries and the funds raised are helping to support him and his family whilst he is unable to work. We don't know if he will ever be fit for construction work again,” she said.

“The focus now is on Jaiteh getting better and ensuring this traumatic experience (as is the case with many similar incidences) doesn't just disappear. This cannot keep happening,” she added.

She also gave a description of Jaiteh, who she says is coming more out of his shell as the trauma of the incident heals.

“Jaiteh is one of the calmest people I've ever met. He is thoughtful, well-spoken and his laugh lights up the room. We've had some really intense days in hospitals talking about the incident but it's really nice to see him smile and laugh more and more as he begins to recover from this traumatic experience. He's told me more and more about his life and experiences, and shown me some of his beautiful design and tailoring work,” she said.

“Whilst I am supporting Jaiteh at this point in time, his is not an isolated event. This has been going on for all too long and enough is enough,” continued.

A protest calling for justice for Jaiteh is expected to be organised towards the end of the month, pending permits from the authorities.

Galea also lamented how not enough is being done by authorities to fight against racism.

She criticised Minister for Inclusion Owen Bonnici for only sending in a pre-recorded message to a conference on the Anti-Racism Strategy, which was announced recently.

“All too often optics are more important than action when it comes to the governments that control us. If we do not continue to apply pressure, I fear nothing will come of this. What happened to Jaiteh is just one incident in a long history of blatant, outright racism in Malta. Real change starts at the top and demands more than mere words and pre-recorded videos,” she said.

Galea also thanked Victim Support Malta, Maria Pisani, and the Public Interest Litigation Network (PILN) – a new initiative being run by the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation to provide legal assistance on public interest cases such as that of Jaiteh.

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