The Malta Independent 5 December 2021, Sunday

Association for Gozitan employees welcomes fast ferry announcement

Sunday, 24 October 2021, 10:51 Last update: about 2 months ago

The Association for Gozitan employees working in Malta (AGEM) has welcomed government announcements regarding the fast ferry.

It praised Education Minister Justyne Caruana for the introduction of the EDU Fast Ferry Card which allows Gozitan educators and students "to use the fast ferry free of charge."

Minister Caruana had announced a monetary incentive targetting those Gozitan educators and students who, on a daily basis, have to communte back and forth between Gozo and Malta. The maximum yearly monetray incentive for this scheme tallies to a maximum of €250 per student per year. Students who are studying at the Junior College, the University of Malta and MCAST, and all educators residing in Gozo who carry out his/her teaching profession in Malta, are eligible to benefit from this scheme. The minister had said that the reimbursement, covering a substantial part of the fare, will be paid every three months, in arrears, and is paid independent on the fast ferry service operator.


AGEM said: "Our Association was always vocal on the need of addressing travel allowances for daily commuters to relieve a part of their financial burden of daily commuting. This new initiative continues to ameliorate the working conditions of daily commuters between the two islands."

"As the voice of Gozitan employees working in Malta, AGEM would like to suggest that the Ministry for Gozo considers extending this initiative to Gozitan workers employed, both in the public and private sector. The current travel allowance issued by the Gozo Ministry should be updated to reflect the latest travelling costs for daily commuters."

It also thanked Clint Camilleri, Minister for Gozo, "for supporting AGEM's recent request to reintroduce the afternoon fast ferry trips that are so critical to Gozitan employees who work in Malta returning home in the evenings."

AGEM said that it continues to be in favour of better connectivity between the islands with the least negative impact on the environment. "To this end, all potential solutions should be well studied, discussed, and presented to the general public before a decision is taken. It is imperative that the daily commuter's point of view is top on the agenda, along with the environment and sustainable development. This also includes improving the transport system in Gozo on par with Malta. AGEM expects that discussions are extended to all stakeholders and solutions arrived at should remain feasible for the daily commuter. AGEM remains committed to be the voice of Gozitan Employees working in Malta, to safeguard, facilitate and improve the working conditions of daily commuters and their day-to-day issues."



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