The Malta Independent 24 January 2022, Monday

PN puts proposals for better quality of life for workers in public sector

Semira Abbas Shalan Friday, 26 November 2021, 12:33 Last update: about 3 months ago

The Nationalist Party is seeking to improve work conditions for workers in the public sector through new proposals which strive to achieve a better quality of life.

During a press conference on Friday, PN MP Karl Gouder said that through these proposals, workers in the public sector will have the opportunity to grow within their careers and continue to self-improve.

“The aim is for the government to become an equal opportunity employer and set an ideal example for other employers in Malta and Gozo,” said Gouder. Through these measures, employees will consequently offer a better service to the Maltese public.

The first proposal is to introduce a revision of government salary scales which reflect the market in order to attract the appropriate people towards the public sector, said PN MP Joe Ellis.

The second proposal includes incentives for greater work efficiency with appropriate compensation to those who work extra. This performance bonus will be extended for greater efficiency, said Ellis. Those workers who progress within their career should be recognized and properly rewarded by the public sector.

PN candidate Ivan Castillo introduced the fourth proposal of a transparent system which facilitates work transfers. Upon request, workers may be transferred to other workplaces, improving productivity. The request will be processed over a short period of time, said Castillo. Those who have been unjustly transferred against their will may appeal to be transferred back, stated Castillo.

The fifth proposal includes strengthened measures for the worker and their families. Castillo said that there should be a better work-life balance, and the PN is committed to work on this during the first six months. Teleworking and remote working will be strengthened.

The sixth proposal dictates that under certain circumstances, flexibility should be in order, said Ellis. Ellis stated that, if possible, workers may work from home, otherwise they may utilize their sick leave. The proposal includes an increase the current 16hr urgent family situation capping, enabling workers to attend to any emergency, said Ellis.

The last proposal includes the promotion of physical exercise in the workplace, while take into consideration and improve workers’ mental health, stated Ellis.


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