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Satirical but pleasant

Noel Grima Thursday, 16 December 2021, 11:22 Last update: about 6 months ago

‘Fuq din l-art helwa’. Author: Emmanuel Attard Cassar. Self-published / 2016. Pages: 51pp

The author teaches IT and computer science at Gan Frangisk Abela after specialising at the University of Pisa.

His studies in Italy helped inspire his first book, Vacanze Romane (2013).

In this, his second book, he has switched to Maltese (mostly) and has given us a number of short, satirical poems which nevertheless are pleasant to read.

These poems, he tells us, were written between 1992 and 2016. The collection is divided into two parts, before and after, with reference to the death of his brother Godwin in 2015, which had a devastating impact on his life.


I can't say I noted a marked change of emphasis between the two parts. If one were to summarize, one would say that his poems cast a wry look on the foibles of life as we know it.

The following is a taste of his humorous verses:


In-Nannu and his Grand-daughter
Look how cute the window sill.
Hekk reduwwa tal-kunsill.


Can we walk a bit this way?
Mela le aruni ġej.


I'm so young, I am sixteen.
Jiena qbiżthom is-sittin.


I go crossing from that street.
Yes of course agħmel li trid.


Look that man with all that soot
Dok miskin no flus fil-but.


Oh how lovely is the moon.
Qisu nħosel bis-sopuwn.


Can we sit here on the floor?
Imxi 'l hemm ħa mmorru d-dor.


Then let's wait here for the bus.
Nistennieha qisni ċ-ċass.


I love you with all my heart.
Ejja 'l hawn għax naslu tard.


Nannu come I give you kiss.
Waħda kbira lili biss!



Or this:


B'qalziet inkaxxat magħha
u b'top tassew skullat
b'takkuna tliet pulzieri
u lipstick lewn skarlat
xħin qallha sexy baby
għaliex tant irrabjat?


And this comment on our political scene


Meta partit jirbaħ il-gvern
isir korrott mimli tbagħbis.
Meta partit jitlef il-gvern
isir onest, isir qaddis.


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