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A romp through bygone days

Tuesday, 11 January 2022, 10:51 Last update: about 4 months ago

Tifkiriet: a collection of personal experiences. Author: Gordon Caruana. Self-published / 2021. Pages: 464pp.

Alfred Palma

We all cherish the memories of our happy days, as much as we cringe uncomfortably remembering the less happy ones. But, in spite of everything, and regardless of the circumstances, our past is mercilessly haunted by nostalgia, invariably a joy to recall.

Indefatigably busy and for many years hugely experienced in local radio-broadcasting, Caruana has haply regaled us with a thick book that is instantly and irresistibly attractive, a book he understandably christened Tifkiriet, a collection of memoirs by 99 contributors from all the ranks of Maltese society, a good number of them very well-known and highly respectable citizens, such as President Emeritus Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici and President Dr George Vella.


Caruana's very welcome and challenging idea of this book emerged after he had embarked on the very popular programme Tini Break, which he produced on Radju Malta in April 2001. And the programme eventually became so popular that in 2003 it changed its name to Tifkiriet, gaining thereby even more popularity, continually being broadcast regularly on Radju Malta on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and presently only on Sunday mornings.

And it has been all this popularity of the programme Tifkiriet that has now evolved and metamorphosed into this beautiful and valuable time, a collection of so many highly readable and enjoyable memories of bygone days, of citizens who have seen a better Malta, even when things were circumstantially considered as being worse; citizens clearly enjoying the happy nostalgic moments of recollection.

In his Preface to the book, Prof. Manwel Mifsud expounds expansively on the effect that the media and general broadcasting has on society in general and acclaims Caruana's efforts and dedication both in his Tifkiriet series on Radju Malta as well as the actual publication of the memoirs themselves. Indeed, most of these memoirs seem to soar affectionately and sincerely from the heart, generally with a sheer simplicity in narration, very often wafting the sweet-sad nostalgia of bygone days. Furthermore, the book is enhanced with a very good number of photos that are both historically interesting as well as offering a perfect complement to the narrative itself.

'Tifkiriet' is on sale from all leading bookshops at €25 soft-bound and €37 hard-bound or direct from Gordon Caruana - email [email protected]

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