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Covid anti-vaxxers protest against pandemic protocols claiming information being withheld

Giuseppe Attard Monday, 17 January 2022, 14:28 Last update: about 5 months ago

Members of the ‘Freedom Movement’ protested on Monday against the new Covid-19 regulations stating that information was being withheld by the government.

The new mitigation measures enforced as of Monday 17 January include the need of a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate not only to enter certain establishments but also to work in said establishments if direct contact with customers is necessary.

The new regulations also provide exemptions for providing a vaccine certificate if the person cannot take the Covid-19 vaccine due a legitimate medical condition or having an adverse reaction to the vaccine. These people in turn have to be in possession of a certificate stating why they cannot take the vaccine provided by a doctor of the public health.

Freedom Movement’s Paul R. Chetcuti claimed that the government is prohibiting people who, according to him, “cannot take the vaccine” from working and providing for their families. When pressed on the issue and explaining the exemption process, Chetcuti avoided the discussion.

Chetcuti is a self-proclaimed scientist who claims that the Covid-19 virus is “genetically manufactured” disease.”

Together with other activists Chetcuti then took aim at the validity of certain practices which have become the norm during the pandemic. He proceeded to quote unsubstantiated sources when it came to PCR tests, vaccinations and medical treatments claiming that when he advised the public health on how to treat Covid-19 positive patients he was “ignored and that is why people are dying of the virus.”

With regard to PCR tests, Chetcuti and other like-minded activists said that the results from PCR tests are all a “coordinated effort by the big boss.” In order to ‘substantiate’ his argument, Chetcuti claims that fruit such as oranges will test positive for Covid-19 through a PCR test.

“Illegal and fake PCR tests must stop. A drop of orange juice will result in a positive result and all this information is being held from the public by you (the media present) and the government. What I am saying is stated by the CDC and the FDA,” Chetcuti said.

One activist went as for to claim that the lots of vaccines are mostly a placebo except from a few vials which included a pathogen in order to infect some people and make the whole population believe in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Needless to say these claims are unsubstantiated by any scientific proof and neither did Freedom Movement provide any evidence to support these claims.

Throughout the protest, Freedom Movement then proceeded to present questions to the Curia, Police, Parliament and the President of Malta. “We are talking to the relevant people in order to protest against the discrimination of human rights,” Chetcuti said.

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