The Malta Independent 19 May 2022, Thursday

Government refuses to table PN mega bill as it ‘contains aspects of money bill’

Monday, 17 January 2022, 17:17 Last update: about 5 months ago

The government is refusing to table the PN’s anti-corruption bills for a first reading in Parliament, arguing that the 12 bills “contain aspects of a money bill.”

The Nationalist Party had announced a package of 12 legislative bills aimed to implement the major findings of the public inquiry into the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and to fight corruption.

The 12 legislative bills must be approved by MPs in order to become law. However, as of yet, these have not been put on Parliament’s agenda.

During parliament on Monday, Nationalist Party Deputy Leader David Agius asked Speaker Anglu Farrugia for a reason as to why the motion put forward by the Opposition has not been put on the agenda.

In reply, Farrugia explained that what is tabled on the agenda for discussions in Parliament “falls under the responsibility of the government.” 

Government Whip Glen Bedingfield argued that the the PN’s anti-corruption Bills had elements of a money bill. Therefore, this prevented him from giving consent for a first reading.

“The house cannot proceed with such a Bill unless it is put forward by a Minister to the Speaker of the House,” he said.

The Opposition requested a first reading for Monday, so that the Bill could be discussed on Thursday, a day on which the Opposition can put forward its agenda.

Agius asked the Speaker of the House for a ruling on such matters, preferably today. The Speaker complied, however, he did not give a specific day as to when this ruling will take place.



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