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Burmarrad raid: PM rubbishes claim that he used police to humiliate Joseph Muscat

Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 19:20 Last update: about 5 months ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela has rubbished claims that he used the police to humiliate his predecessor, Joseph Muscat.

He said the comments, made by the Opposition Leader, show “what a cheap politician” Bernard Grech is.

The PM was speaking to journalists after it emerged that the police raided Muscat’s Burmarrad house in connection with the hospitals inquiry.


Muscat hinted that the search was orchestrated by someone who "wanted to pass on a message” and that it was done to “humiliate” him.  

In a social media post, the Opposition Leader said Muscat had “threatened” Abela, adding that the raid “was planned to serve Abela’s electoral interests.”

The PM told journalists that the government has always had full faith in the institutions, but the institutions have to be careful to maintain that trust.

He said that, as someone who worked as a court expert in the past, he had trouble understanding why the police had taken Muscat’s daughters’ mobile phones.

“The inquiring magisrate has the power to do that, and that power must always be used within the limits of the administration of justice, and for no other scope.”

The PM said he could not comment further in view of the pending inquiry and the trust he has in the institutions.

Asked if Muscat would be making a political comeback, Abela turned his guns on Grech, saying this was the “low level the PN has sunk to.”

“Let’s leave the institutions work freely, but I want to be clear. We are proud of our institutions, but these must return the trust we have placed in them at all times.”


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