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TMID Editorial: The generosity of the Maltese people

Tuesday, 21 June 2022, 09:05 Last update: about 4 days ago

There are a number of Maltese and Gozitans with very big hearts.

We always hear of stories about extraordinary people doing what they can to help others. Whether it is some great feat of physical endurance, like a marathon run or swim in aid of a charity or a specific person, or even when it comes to simply donating money. We are also not short of people willing to volunteer their time to help others.


Just yesterday, this newsroom reported on three Gozitans who are in Slovakia helping Ukrainian children aged 6-11 who are orphaned due to the on-going war in Ukraine. They managed to raise €7,000 to be used on educational and recreational material for these children.

These are not the first people from Malta to conduct such volunteer work. A few months ago two Maltese for instance had also travelled to Moldova helping build a centre to house Ukrainian refugees, while also taking food into Ukraine.

These are extraordinary people, willing to go the extra mile to help those in need.

There are many others of course. We would also like to mention those doing volunteer work here, in Malta. Those who work with refugees to help them get onto their feet once they are on the island. Those who have managed to overcome the racial prejudice that exists in the country and help out their fellow human beings, despite the flak they might receive for it from those who are blinded by hate.

Malta often gets painted in a bad light, painted as being a greedy island with questionable tax regimes, but there is another side to Malta. There are people who do extraordinary things to help others daily.

The generosity of the Maltese comes to life each year during the L-Istrina donations for instance. People care about others. While having to parade people asking for support in order for them to receive the support they need can be seen as questionable, the Maltese people do help out those in need.

But one doesn’t have to make any great feats or spend money in order to help improve the lives of others. One could simply try and volunteer at a shelter, or simply lend a hand to those who need support or help.

This is the kind of generosity and care which characterises part of the population. But then, there is another side to Malta.

Sadly, however, not everyone is willing to be as generous or caring. Let’s take an example out of another recent news item. Noise. Valletta and Sliema residents have been complaining of loud music late at night. It is clear that the owners of the establishments generating such noise are not really being considerate to the people who live in the surrounding area. These people who are trying to sleep have work in the morning.

The government also seems to have chosen business over people in this regard, as is evident in the Valletta legal notices. Is this truly a move by government that is thinking of others? Surely music can be confined to indoors and establishments be made to soundproof in order to respect people’s right to some peace at night?

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