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Post-secondary students can apply for stipends as from Friday

Thursday, 29 September 2022, 14:40 Last update: about 2 months ago

Students attending post-secondary courses can apply for their stipends as from Friday, the Education Ministry said on its Facebook page. Eligible students are to access the online application through this link:

New students, students changing courses and/or institutions, repeaters, and students in additional or extension year are to apply for the Students' Maintenance Grants online application at the beginning of the academic year by using their e-ID and password.

According to the website, students studying at MQF Level 5 and 6, and students studying at MQF Level 7 following courses leading to a warrant, and who have successfully confirmed their online application, would receive the following:

-           A yearly Initial Grant, given once per academic year, is to be utilised for the purchase of textbooks and other educational material.

-           One-Time Grant (for First-Year Degree Level students only). This Grant covers the entirety of the course and is credited to students reading for courses leading to an MQF Level 6 qualification.

-           Four-weekly backdated stipend rates, starting from the first week of December and normally running up to August. These stipend rates may be subject to deductions due to absenteeism.

-           A Single Parents’ Grant, (depending on eligibility), the amount of which depends on the MQF Level of the course of studies being pursued. This Grant is given to full-time students who are single parents, and who depend solely on Social Security benefits as their sole source of income.

-           Summer Special Stipend (credited to apprentices depending on eligibility, payable throughout the Summer period, subject to attendance)

-           The Top-Up Stipends are additional rates credited to apprentices over a whole year so that the total remuneration credited to them is not less than the national minimum wage. These rates are credited on the condition of eligibility and are subject to attendance.

-           Supplementary Allowances, depending on eligibility which is determined by the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board.

Starting last Monday, several post-secondary and tertiary education students started their respective studies.

For more information regarding the stipend and grants, visit: Services/Stipends-and-Grants.aspx

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