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Understanding the Value of A European Games Society

Monday, 7 November 2022, 13:36 Last update: about 12 months ago
Photo: JESHOOTS.COM via Unsplash
Photo: JESHOOTS.COM via Unsplash

One of Europe's most driven by economic accomplishments and a quickly expanding sector of its creative fields is video games.

Some believe that the video game's role in Europe's digital world must be strengthened through policies encouraging invention, expansion, and skills development. 

To learn more about the gaming industry in Europe, keep reading!

Defining The Value of a European Games Society 

To provide scientific papers on the cultural, monetary, and social effects that video games have now on society, KEA is collaborating with Ecorys on the program “Understanding the value of European gaming society.”   

The EU Gaming Society project is the first to analyze the European video game market thoroughly. In addition to being a big cultural and commercial industry and an integral component of people's everyday lives, video games have a crucial role in European society. 

With well-known international video games and top studios in the EU, the video game industry is one of Europe's fastest-growing culture segments, with sales of €23.3 billion in 2021. 

1. Project Goal

This project intends to help the European Commission better understand the video gaming industry, its effects on many policy domains, and how the EU should actively and specifically promote the sector's growth through particular political methods and goals. 

There are two key goals for the project. The first objective is to understand the video game industry better to pinpoint potential policy options. 

The second objective is to build and maintain a network of specialists and players in the EU video game industry to encourage future interactions and foster expansion. 

Additionally, the study will examine some fundamental aspects of video games:

  • The key traits of the ecology of the European gaming industry;

  • Influence of video games and the video game industry on society, economy, and culture in the EU;

  • Principal video game studios and businesses situated in the EU;

  • Major measures of assistance for the gaming industry in the EU at the EU and Member State levels;

2. Studying European Video Games Society

In European society, video games are important both as a cultural and commercial industry and an important aspect of people's everyday lives. In the worldwide video game market, the EU represents one-third of the market's total value and has had rapid development compared to other areas of the economy.

The EU creates notable video games that impact the cultural landscape worldwide since it is connected to some of the biggest and most renowned game publishers and developers.

European-Made Games

The video game business thrives not just in Europe but also in every part of the world. With big firms and smaller "indie" creators working on several of the world's most popular and innovative games, it became a fun way to pass time for everyone of different ages.

Aside from immersive and strategic gameplay, cryptocurrency games are on the rise. Fortunately, bitcoin blackjack at Joe Fortune Australia is accessible to everyone. 

1. Fantasy Wars

Unexpectedly fascinating turn-based strategy game featuring elements of the Age of Empires franchise from the 1990s, but with the option to play as fantasy species as opposed to human societies. 

Something is alluring about its minimalism since it lets the player concentrate on strategic planning, even though the plot is abstract and the layout is hurried to the point that even noises are occasionally missing.

2. Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters, the concluding installment of the epic Dreamfall saga, is the ending of Norwegian development company Ragnar Trnquist's serialized tale of corrupt practices and conscious experience covering multiple parallel aspects. 

The fan base adored the series so much that they contributed €1.5 million to its creation to discover how it would wrap up. Worry not if you are new to the franchise; Dreamfall Chapters contains backstory trailers that will thoroughly update you.

3. This War of Mine 

The viewpoint on soldier-led shootings presented in This War of Mine is very different. On this online battleground, you are a citizen battling for existence in a war-torn city rather than a military hero on the front lines.

The video game, developed by Polish studio 11 Bit Studios, was partly inspired by the horrors experienced by Bosnian citizens during the assault of Sarajevo from 1992 to 1996.

4. Until Dawn

The basic storytelling journey concept was given a boost by Guildford's Supermassive Games, who added their favorite slasher movie cliches to create the year's biggest success, Until Dawn.

It's a mocking homage to horror movies from the 1980s and 1990s, with hammy acting, improbable sexual misadventures, and excessive violence.


Video games are sometimes referred to as the pinnacle of distraction, and with the world still developing, it has never been more alluring to take on a journey to a vast fantasy reality. 

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