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Environmentalist Cami Appelgren says she was 'attacked by hunters'

Wednesday, 7 December 2022, 18:59 Last update: about 2 years ago

Environmentalist Cami Appelgren has said that she was attacked by hunters.

Posting on Facebook, she said that on Tuesday evening she was "subject to an unprovoked attack by three trappers/hunters whilst I was off duty, on my way home in my vehicle and with a minor."

"One of the accused jumped out of nowhere and stopped me from continuing driving, whilst two of his (what seemed to be) acquaintances pulled up with a car behind me. The individual aggressively delivered a message (verbally) that he considered me not to be allowed to pass from the area (a public main road) with my vehicle, also delivering a threat jeopardising my safety."

" I clearly informed them to let me go due to having a minor with me in the vehicle who clearly was scared and fearing for my, and h**, safety. I wish to thank the Officer at the control room for his compassion in this moment of turbulence, the Officers at Rabat police station for their prompt action to locate the accused with the help of the information given and also to #MaltaPolice EPU who assisted. Also a thank you to the other individuals and my employer who fully supported me yesterday."

She said that it is part of her job as a Ranger to handle individuals whom she takes to court for offenses. She said that a certain amount of aggression is expected "although never ok."

"But attacks like the one yesterday, where I am blocked by individuals who claim public land and intimidate and threaten me is a whole other thing that I, under NO circumstances, will accept."

"I was not in uniform. I had no Ranger gear. I was not looking anywhere else other than on the road. I did not put myself in the way for such attack. A report will be lodged with the Special Rapporteur under the Aarhus Convention which clearly states the Member States' obligation to keep environmental defenders safe while on duty."

"The accused individuals will be charged in Court by Police where I will hand over evidence," she said.

"I'm not posting this for anyone to pity me. I'm posting this to show the result of the widespread sense of impunity.  If this is related to my previous posts about the topic of bird callers and the fact that such were heard in the area at that time? I'll leave that unsaid. I call on the Maltese government to close the loopholes in the environment laws that trigger this sense of impunity among offenders."



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