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Voices in the Dark

Saturday, 28 January 2023, 08:31 Last update: about 3 months ago

Dissociative disorders, formally known as multiple personalities, involve the affected person experiencing a disconnection and lack of continiuty between thoughts. The disorder usually devolops after trauma and may often involve alternate identities.

But what happens when a person with this condition recieves a kidney transplant from an unknown donor? Voices in the Dark, a novel published by the Mental Health Group UK, is the latest novel of Mary Anne Zammit. The author seeks to explore the reality of a young woman Rebecca who suffer from this condition along the implication an unknown organ donor.


The novel opens with Rebecca confined in custody recounting her life. After losing her lover in a traffic accident, Rebecca received a kidney transplant and from there her life changed and was controlled by a strange personality which led her to mysterious events, even committing crime.

Despite, these obstacles Rebecca moves with her life, following the footsteps of this personality. A mysterious journey which leads her to uncover a secret web of criminal activity involving immigrant children. Above all, encountering the real truth and real identity of this personality.

Mary Anne Zammit is also author of four novels in Maltese and two in English and in her previous novels, she has dealt with the themes of rape and child pornography.

Also, Ms Zammit 's poetry has been published in various International Anthologies along the years, also included in the International Anthology of the World Poetry Tree presented at the Dubai Expo 2020, last year.

The novel, Voices in the Dark can be obtained from the Mental Health Publisher. http;//chipmunka


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