The Malta Independent 21 March 2023, Tuesday
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MUT says hunting exhibition will not counteract work towards culture of conservation

Saturday, 28 January 2023, 15:48 Last update: about 3 months ago

The Malta Union of Teachers said it believes that an exhibition on hunting in schools will never counteract all the positive work carried out by educators and schools towards a culture of conservation and respect of all living species.

The union, in a statement in Saturday, believes that since only education can bring about positive changes, schools cannot ignore controversial themes such as hunting.


No static exhibition promoting hunting (as than financed by the Gozo Ministry on the initiative of a hunters' association) will influence students who are used to classroom discussions and practices promoting respect towards nature and its conservation.

The MUT invited educators and schools to continue to showcase the real effects of hunting whilst promoting the message towards the conservation of nature and respect of all living species.

The MUT said believed that all organizations which work towards the conservation of nature should be given the same platform by the Education Ministry to promote their work in schools.

In a second statement to clarify its position, the MUT said it does not approve or back the hunting exhibition in schools. It has always condemned any killing of living species and its promotion in schools. The union has always supported the work carried out to conserve nature and living species and urges educators to pursue with their teaching in schools to show the real effects of hunting.


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