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Positive Parenting Malta launches legal training programme in custodial matters

Andrew Izzo Clarke Tuesday, 31 January 2023, 17:37 Last update: about 2 years ago

Positive Parenting Malta has launched plans to implement a programme that would help foster awareness about custodial arrangements among judicial professionals who work with families and children.

In the last few months, specialized training was already given to judicial members who have direct contact with children, namely child lawyers and mediators. Over the course of a few weeks, an online training course aimed at increasing their awareness and sensitivity on the subject will also take place.


These details were announced during a press conference by the Minister for Social Policy and Children's Rights, Michael Falzon, and the Minister for Justice, Jonathan Attard, where they provided details on how the cooperative venture between these two ministries is leading to new initiatives, which they say are necessary in light of new social realities.

Both pointed out that this is also another electoral promise of this government which will be implemented to strengthen the legal safeguards that protect the interests of children and both parents, even in cases where the two parents do not live together.

Positive Parenting Malta presented a study showing how to create a more positive culture within families, as well as showing how they can assist families directly.

Through similar interventions, Positive Parenting Malta sought to show how they can reduce conflict between parents and strengthen the relationship between children and both sides, especially with the parent who does not have much time with the children, even by court decision.

These circumstances often directly affect members of the family and sometimes the children. Consequently, cases like these can lead to anxiety, tension, and even pressure on the whole family.

Falzon stated that we ought to embrace the concept of 'shared parenting', with the aim that children receive the love and care that they need from both parents, even if the parents are separated.

He also stated that the government is implementing various initiatives that increase the awareness of crucial concepts, such as that of Parental Alienation, to prevent situations where children suffer, to the detriment of one parent or the other.

Attard went on to state that, as a government, they firmly believe in providing the requisite resources so that those involved in the legal process would be equipped to handle their affairs in an optimal manner.

In light of such considerations, Attard said that it was imperative for judges, mediators, and child lawyers to receive various training sessions on the concept of 'shared parenting', based on the international literature and scientific evidence.

Attard stated that this training must be comprehensive and also used by lawyers practicing in the family court. 

The Chairperson of Positive Parenting Malta, Ruth Sciberras, explained that the taskforce will address specific issues that affect family dynamics.

It will not only provide training sessions for professionals working in the judiciary, but also for others who work directly with families in government agencies.

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