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Sandra Gauci appointed new chairperson for ADPD-The Green Party

Saturday, 27 May 2023, 12:03 Last update: about 2 years ago

Sandra Gauci on Saturday was elected as the new Chairperson of ADPD-The Green Party during its annual statutory general meeting held this morning where the party’s executive committee meeting was approved as listed below.

When addressing the press at the end of the meeting, Gauci said that people demand what is theirs by right and not cheque handouts, to live in a country where the rule of law reigns supreme, where one advances on merit and not on one’s connections, and where the quality of life is safeguarded in practice.


Sandra Gauci has been active in ADPD for three years and is known for being a voice of the people through her weekly videos "ABS news". Sandra holds a B.Ed. (Hons.) in Italian, and an MA in Italian Literature, and was awarded a scholarship by the University of Siena on teaching Italian through film. Sandra is a teacher of Italian in public schools with 21 years of experience. Her interests include rule of law, social justice, and media freedom. She will be contesting next year’s European Parliament elections on behalf of ADPD together with Dr Ralph Cassar and Mina Jack Tolu.

Addressing the general meeting, Gauci referred to the surveys that that have repeatedly reported a consistent number of people that feel ‘orphaned’ by the two traditional parties who no longer represent them. ADPD, Gauci said, will continue to seek to build bridges with these people that feel abandoned, forgotten and voiceless. She also referred to the constitutional case on the electoral system that ADPD filed after the 2022 election, about which the first judgement should be announced in the coming months.

She stated that as a party we shall continue to work on important issues such as the fight against corruption, safeguarding the rule of law, protection of our natural and historical environment and the shift towards sustainable modes of transportation to free up our grid-locked roads.

She indicated the cost of living as the greatest challenge being faced by those who are vulnerable. She insisted that the minimum wage regulation should be reformed to that of a living wage. If the government is judicious in its spending and carries out tax collection assiduously this measure could be implemented in a timely manner. Gauci insisted that it was imperative that the government keeps us all informed on the studies being carried out with respect to the living wage – these studies are being financed from public funds after all!

She also referred to the need for the COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) mechanism to be updated to reflect today’s living requirements. She noted with satisfaction the fact that ADPD’s proposal for the COLA to be granted twice a year has also been welcomed by the trade unions as a practical way of alleviating somewhat the burden on workers.

“People demand what is theirs by right and not symbolic cheque handouts. They want to live in a country where the rule of law reigns supreme, where one advances on merit and not on one’s connections. The increased erosion of our quality of life should should be reversed and we should become hopeful in the country’s future once again,” concluded Gauci.

The general meeting also approved the party’s executive committee members as follows:

Sandra Gauci – Chairperson; Mina Jack Tolu – Deputy Chairperson; Carmel Cacopardo – Deputy Chairperson; Ralph Cassar – Secretary General; Mario Mallia – Deputy Secretary General (Organizational and Administrative); Melissa Bagley – Deputy Secretary General (Policy); Brian Decelis – Public Relations Officer; Luke Caruana – Treasurer; Mark Zerafa – International Secretary; and Marcus Lauri and Matthew Mizzi – Members.

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