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‘Every challenge, regardless of how big, has a solution’ - Abela

Sunday, 4 June 2023, 11:38 Last update: about 5 months ago

Every challenge, no matter how large, has a solution, Prime Minister Robert Abela said on Sunday during a political activity.

Abela, during his speech, spoke about the Small Nations Games, as well as the economy and a recent court judgement.

He referred to a ruling by the Constitutional Court, that protected two farmers from eviction.

The old law wasn't working, and farmers were being kept on a thread as to whether they would be kicked out, Abela said, referring to the law which predated a newer one introduced by the government.

"We studied all the options, discussed proposals, took a decision and moved forward."

He said the courts have now confirmed just how strong this reform was and that it conforms with the country's laws.

"It is a reform through which we protected farmers and agricultural land," he said. He said that each time there is a challenge, "we not only addressed it but looked ahead to the next challenge. If we keep working with this mentality, that no challenge is too big, then that is how we could keep moving this country forward."

"Every challenge, regardless of how big, has a solution," he said.

Earlier in his speech, he referred to the Games of the Small Nations States of Europe, and the successful results Malta achieved.

Abela said that people of all ages went to watch, "united in their love for sport and love for their country."

He thanks the people for supporting the athletes. He also praised the athletes, mentioning the sacrifices they and their families made, as well as their dedication and hard work.

He spoke of the country's investment in training and facilities. "When we have good priorities, there is no sector in which we can't achieve more," he said.

Abela said that the mentality was to be among the best, "and we managed to be the best," he said.

Abela said the government invested specifically in training. "We invested unprecedented funds." He said that one of the lessons learnt is that Malta can always be among the best. "Let's not allow our size limit us."

Speaking about the Mediterranean, he referred to the MED 9 summit, where ministers from nine EU countries reached an agreement on the principle that the Mediterranean could be a source for renewable energy. He said he later had the chance to explain more about this at a Summit in Moldova. "We were catalysts to reach that agreement," he said.

He likened the country's thought process to that of an athlete. When an athlete uses their personal best as just being the base for better outcomes, the chances are that they will do better next time. "Our personal best must be like that, the base on which we continue to build," he said.

Abela described the challenges the country faces - the environment, traffic, inflation, transport, "but at the forefront is the question of mentality. There are those trying to convince us that we have done enough and that we don't need to work to achieve more."

"That would be the biggest mistake that we could ever make. We want people to always achieve more. For us, taking a pause is a mistake this government will never make."

"Our economic growth is two and a half times more than the EU," he said. "Even there we are at the front."

"This is a government that will support those who have projects, and ideas that will continue to create jobs," he added. "We are also working on the economic transition," he said, aiming to create new prosperity.

He spoke about three pillars - an economy based on skills, a more green and digital economy, a constantly diversifying economy.

Our country will remain the natural home where investors feel they can move forward with their projects, he said.

He spoke about dividing the benefits equally among the people. "When do workers benefit? When work is created. When we take decisions to keep the country attractive and competitive."

He referred to the State of the Nation conference. He said that he did not hear any proposals from the Opposition speakers. He said that PN Leader Bernard Grech was asked what he would do if he were PM tomorrow, "and he did not have an idea about how to answer this question. With us, you know where you stand."



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