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Online poker vs. Live poker: Which is right for you?

Wednesday, 20 September 2023, 14:06 Last update: about 3 months ago

Poker is one of the most exciting games of skill as it pushes players to think beyond the box. You must determine whether your hand is good enough to stay in the game. Moreover, you must find a way to convince other players that your hand is better than theirs or play the long game to weaken their strategies. The strategic approach in this game makes players better at decision-making, teaches them to be patient, and is excellent for overall cognitive development. Luckily, players can enjoy this game from the comfort of their homes by playing online poker. But what is better - online poker or live poker? We find out: 

Online Poker or Live Poker

In the past, playing live poker meant players had to be in physical casinos. But now, online casino operators have made accessing poker so easy that players can play online or live poker without leaving their homes. But which option takes the cake? We look at the key differences between these games: 

1.    Experience

When you play online poker, you do so against computed players. They are not real, and thus, the experience is not only isolating but also does not measure up to real-life poker tables. On the other hand, live poker emulates the real casino experience. You can play alongside other players and enjoy a more social setting. So, depending on your preferences, you can opt for either option. 

2.    Payouts

Online poker allows players to place minimal wagers, with some even putting down as low as $5. As such, it tends to be more inclusive and is an excellent option for someone on a low budget. However, this also affects the payouts as they tend to be limited per the wagered amount. In contrast, live poker often attracts big spenders who spend hundreds to thousands of dollars per game. If you can win the games, you can get a good payout that lasts a while. As such, people who are after money tend to prioritize live games. 

3.    Assessments

A crucial part of playing poker is gauging your hand against other players. And when you play online poker, this is not exactly possible as you play against computed players. You cannot tell whether you have the upper hand, which makes it hard to decide if you should fold. But in live games, you can view the other players and use your assessment to determine if you have a good hand. 

4.    Speed

If you are after a quick game, online poker is a great option. The cards are dealt electronically, no social interactions occur, and the wagers and payouts are automatic. As such, you can be in and out in minutes. But live games are different. You must wait for each player to make a decision, the cards take time to be dealt, and people often interact socially, which lengthens the game. 

5.    Ease

What’s easier - playing against a computer or other people? Most people would choose the latter option. After all, human beings often have similar skills, and your chances of beating other people are high. But when you play against a computer, you are often on the losing end. 

Socialization has become a key aspect of live games, with more players seeking a casino-like setting. With the introduction of virtual and augmented reality in casino games, this interaction has become an integral part of live games.

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