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PL is ‘nothing more than a machine to break Labourites and accommodate Nationalists’ – Silvio Grixti

Albert Galea Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 16:20 Last update: about 21 days ago

Former Labour Party MP Silvio Grixti has turned his guns onto what was his own party in a stinging post on his social media page, saying that the PL has become nothing more than a “machine” to “break Labourites and accommodate Nationalists.”

Grixti currently finds himself at the centre of allegations concerning a disability benefits racket and has already implied that the Police Force is being selective in who and what they investigate.


“My Labourite brothers, it is good for us to realise that we are second-class citizens held in lower regard than others, and beaten by our own,” Grixti wrote on his Facebook page in what is his second public comment since it emerged that he was under investigation.

“If a Nationalist doctor is caught selling fake social security certificates and has an offshore company, not only do the police not investigate him, but even the media close their eyes and look the other way,” Grixti said.

“Nobody took his laptop, nobody took his mobile, nobody investigated him, and nobody arrested him,” Grixti said.

While he did not mention him by name in this post, Grixti is referring to PN MP and doctor Stephen Spiteri.

Spiteri was investigated by the Medical Council after reports that he was issuing medical certificates to patients without actually examining them – proceedings which were later nullified by a court after it judged that the council had breached Spiteri’s right to a fair hearing.

The council did not appeal the ruling, and Spiteri remains a PN MP and a doctor today.

Grixti had already made implied references to Spiteri’s case in his first social media post last week, and three days ago he shared a link of an entry from the ICIJ’s journalist investigation called the Paradise Papers showing an entry for Spiteri.

The entry itself shows that Spiteri was a shareholder in two companies – both of which were registered in Malta, not off the country’s shores – which had been struck off Malta’s Business Registry by the time the investigation was made public.

If you are a Labourite, you are at a disadvantage, Grixti told his followers.

“The Labour Party today is nothing more than a machine to break Labourites and accommodate Nationalists,” he continued.

“And the ones create this monster will end up eating it as well,” he concluded.

Grixti was forced to resign by the Prime Minister Robert Abela after the police started to investigate him on suspicion of being the key figure behind a fraud racket concerning the government’s disability benefits back in late 2021.

Those who received these benefits have told police that Grixti and others gave them documents with forged signatures which were then presented – and ultimately accepted – by the medical board which governs these benefits.

Grixti has not been charged in connection with the case, although police questioned him earlier this month.

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